The Rule of Law and the Law of Fear

By Gautam Bisht | Last Updated: Feb 20, 2013, 22:48 PM IST

Tick Tick Tick…the clocks are ticking!!

Think! Configure!....

We are part of a hoax- the subtle hypocrisy of a grand democracy.

Teenagers in Kashmir had to quit music. Films, books and art are banned. Our current leaders, in this white line bus with black opaque glasses, is taking us for rides we don’t want. Hate speeches are made. Afzal Guru is hanged. People demand a Ram Mandir. Rapes, scams, corruption and every other form of oppression have become a celebrated habit.

AFSPA has created a hell in the heavens.

Your phones are tapped; your Facebook accounts are constantly monitored. Your thoughts are controlled and declared illegal, marijuana is banned. The father was gay and homosexuality is taboo.

But then we have developed in our defence a stinking skin of stoicism. This didn’t happen overnight. Social evolution gently blocked our senses. Now we don’t engulf in questions, we never get bored of pursuing inconsequential jobs and stocking money for our children and their children and the imaginary descendants. Every day we fall prey to media histrionics, and attend to our self-obsessions.

‘Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high’…Tagore cracked a joke we didn’t get.

Life is a chronic complaint and people expect us to develop acceptance. NO. We have given time… enough time. Things are not falling into place. The reality is, that at the bottom of the dark abyss, is no fur bed. The only thing we can be sure of is our scepticism.

Constitution is just another book imposing an identity and protocol. It asks us to pay taxes, tolerate and become law abiding passive citizens.

It seems that the central idea of your modern day existence is Fear. Your life is defined by its law.

You fear getting killed by goons, your house burning down to ruins, getting arrested by cops, finding no jobs, getting scolded, getting cuckolded, fatwas, lawsuits, taxes, bank loans, parents, teachers, boss, wife, marriage, bad luck, responsibility, someone’s ability, terrorism, poverty, premature ejaculation, getting heartbroken, getting old, getting fat, death and this very life.

Thus it is through this mechanism of fear that the circus works. You play your part - obviously the fool. We always place our bets in the roulette wheel. We never win.

Love, satisfaction, happiness! The pursuit never ends. Life ends. Unceremoniously, Unfailingly, Everyday!

This hallucination we are living in continues.
We are running. Not towards something, but away! Away from the question which is certainly out of course!
When? What? Who? How? Oh!

The law is the new dictator, masquerading as democracy.
Why is civilization always defined by what it forbids than what it allows?
The Naxals, the minorities, the poor, are all pawns in this ruthless game that this state administers.

There is nothing as perverted as our collective conscience. Revenge is euphemistically put forward as justice.

Don’t vote! Have sex instead.
The concept of God now fails to console us.

But then there is no authentic idea, a dearth of credible alternatives.
Anyways, it is said that you cannot wake up someone who is pretending to be asleep.

Marxism is too complicated. We are too lazy for a revolution and complacent for change.

So it seems we’ll never be able to reclaim what was essentially ours and will proudly leave the legacy of insignificance and shame behind.

Stop the clocks.

Think! Configure! Realise!

That it is pointless…