The satisfaction of dissatisfaction!

How often do you feel satisfied? How often are you jolted by the 'reality' facade, wherein you wake up and stare into oblivion, thinking about your course of life, in lay man's language-- What are you doing with your life mate?

I have caught myself getting inspired by ideologies, gripped by realism and thereby planting seeds in my head, to only exhaust myself, further, of over thinking. However, lately, instead of planting someone else's seeds, I am feeding on a gnarling need to create my own genesis.

Have you ever felt the same? At the dusk of a pleasurable and successful day, have you felt you could have done more, given more or absorbed more? Well, I have, and I am at unease with the rising trend of 'satisfaction'.

The human civilisation has innumerable branches of philosophy, directing us into different dimensions, shades and by lanes. The majestic life unravels and flutters its rainbow wings and we sit in awe.

The profound thought processes often enable us to channel or tune our brains into getting

back into our seat and accelerate, no matter how down you are, wiping off tears and feeding us in times of need.

Can philosophies exist sans counter philosophies? Guess no, as the brains works beyond our control and surprises us in each moment, with the alley routes it likes to race on.

There is a hurricane rage about being 'satisfied' in life, the art of satisfaction and a lot more tails it. However, I want to question and ask that has anyone ever thought about the satisfaction of dissatisfaction?

The tip of the iceberg being, that if we are going to be satisfied by stars twinkling at our toes or adorned in the hair, how are we going to conquer the entire majestic sky?

If there is content all over and we bloom in relaxation, dim smiles glorifying our achievements and efforts, there will be no striving for better, which seems like a synonym of a dead end. Nay?

There will be many people of my age or older than me for sure, who might laugh me off and flaunt their scars, reciting their pains and thereby backing being 'satisfied'.

But guess what? Thought processes and the intensities of feeling cannot be governed. Never have been and never will be.

We are free and are a blob of dynamic atoms, dancing to the universe's beat. Consequently, we forget that we have our own rhythm backing those beats too. We can step out and create magic, we can blow heads off with talent, we can turn time into money. Well, well, what can we not do? There's nothing we can't do, trust me on that!

But the point is, who is going to re-design and enhance? A person who is satisfied with himself and his life? Who is going to be extraordinary if we are satisfied with ordinary?

Who is going to dive to pull out jades and rubies from the depth of the ocean if are happy with sea shells lying on the shore?

We are meant to be the best, of the best. Strive to sit on the throne and if you reach it, do not sit, take the god damn throne few steps up and keep going higher, because, have you seen the end?

Dreams have no end, passion never fades, talents don't die, all they need is the synchronisation of brain and belief.

Tell little children to be the winners and not pat their back thinking they are not meant for a particular thing. Participation in anything, takes you into the lap of exposure, which can hone your dull edges. Teach them to participate, push them to rise higher than today, back them if they fall, but do not forget to push. Because we have shades we haven’t discovered yet. Accelerate on the lane of discovery being vulnerable, do not fear the scars.

Flaunt your efforts and wear magic to your forehead. We need to, require to be dissatisfied in order to ahead of the rest and better than the best.

Let us not sip on our wine glorifying our own achievements, let us go further, let us become the curious children, let us be the mother of invention. Let us be sparkling challenges for the upcoming generations.

Be utterly dissatisfied so that you can take the dive into oceans and find something untouched, pristine, do not be satisfied with sea shells on the sea shores.

Take the free fall, it never hurts, what hurts is standing on your feet and stagnating for too long!

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