The Star shines brighter

In this world there are some who are so brilliant that they can lift even the most banal to the heights of greatness. And then, there are people who have greatness within their grasp but just enjoy wearing the load of mediocrity around their necks and going down with the teeming millions.<br/><br/>Let me refrain from the trademark stutter or that dimpled grin, or arms wide open act as I introduce the biggest phenomena of the Indian entertainment industry – Shah Rukh Khan.<br/><br/>Truly an epitome of romance, SRK shot to stardom with ‘Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman’, ‘Baazigar’ and ‘Darr’ in the early ’90s, and has emerged as the most popular actor in the domestic as well as the NRI market with Karan Johar’s glossy romantic drama archetype. <br/><br/>No one can deny that Shah Rukh Khan is a self made man. His incredible energy and passion is reciprocated just right in the films he acts. Of course, those are film projects and not some cricket franchise, for he has incinerated himself unconditionally in the big bad world of Bollywood to become an ever shining star among other glitterati’s. <br/><br/>But it’s really unfortunate that actor Shah Rukh Khan’s true acting potential has not been tapped properly.<br/><br/>The silver screen, be it small or big, is perhaps the most powerful medium of mass communication ever invented and it really is a great agent to change the lives of millions in a significant manner.<br/><br/><div class="mr-sald-fs-ab"><div class="mr-str-all-hed-js ver-12-bld-ab"><a href="" target="_blank" class="lin-gry-smll-as-ab wht-txt-js">Photo Gallery</a></div><div class="mr-sald-fs-cntr-1-ab" style="height:141px;"><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="pics" width="216" height="131" border="0" class="bor-pad-ab" /></a></div><div style="border-left:1px solid #dbdbdb;border-right:1px solid #dbdbdb;text-align:right;padding-right:9px;"><a href="" target="_blank" class="more-sml-js">More »</a></div><div><img src="" alt="pics" width="251" height="6" border="0" /></div></div>The stars are worshipped and revered all over the country. Their pictures are hung up on the walls and prayed to in remote villages. Just imagine the power and influence that these stars have?<br/><br/>For me that star is SRK.<br/><br/>But the biggest irony according to me is that people as talented as SRK choose to waste themselves on making absolutely mindless movies.<br/><br/>People say Shah Rukh rescues the film; he redeems it like he redeemed films like ‘Main Hoon Na’, Om Shanti Om’ or even in that case to a great extend ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’. <br/><br/>However to me, it seems the other way around. The film’s absolute senselessness makes his talent look pathetic and tragic. It’s like watching with bated breath while Picasso paints; and he ends up painting a road sign, when so much else is possible.<br/><br/>And therefore, I was thrilled to see Shah Rukh make an attempt with ‘Ra.One’ - something not fleeting and which can open newer avenues for upcoming filmmakers.<br/><br/>In a media meet, the star said, film would be his first step in paying back to the audiences the love and honour he has received in the last 20 years of his career.<br/><br/>It is a fact that local cinema is dying the world over. And if it works on the same age formula of masala potboilers and does not evolve, it will definitely lose Indian audience for Indian cinema. With the growing multiplex culture, movies are no longer an occasion, they are becoming part of a day, their importance is becoming less. <br/><br/>Enter the savior ‘Ra.One’ - produced with a whopping Rs 150 crore budget - is SRK's attempt at creating a movie which he claims will be an occasion to watch. <br/><br/>He is making a passionate pitch, and even though it is difficult to tell how much of it is for his film and how much for the industry, the impact of the star will not fade away. Not yet.


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