The Sunny Leone effect on Indian Politics

Updated: Mar 22, 2012, 16:40 PM IST

Not that Indians weren’t aware of that slimy thing called “porn” but the advent of Sunny Leone helped glorify the business of selling flesh on celluloid. And almost everyone seems to be fascinated by adult films, so much so that people are also ready to taint their esteemed portfolios!<br><br>

In what looks like height of sexual desperation, leaders in Gujarat assembly have followed in the footsteps of their Karnataka counterparts. And it’s no longer an irony. It is a part of the decorum, it seems!<br><br>

However, what’s quite uncanny of the shaming antics is that the men who indulged in them call themselves original sons of the Indian soil. But haven’t they ridiculed the ideology of their party that boasts of being Indian People’s Party (I mean BJP)? It calls for a loud applause and they do deserve a pat on their backs for daring to show disrespect to the assembly.<br><br>

But I guess, our respected leaders must have taken a leaf out of American porn star Sunny, who has helped porn take centerstage in Indian society! The way porn stars shed all their inhibitions to make quick bucks, our esteemed leaders mastered the technique of being a voyeur. <br><br>

Thanks to reality TV ‘Bigg Boss’ for educating India about the phenomenon called Sunny Leone. India had never discussed porn in public forum before. Thanks to Ms Leone for popularising adult films in the country. And thanks to the CCTVs for catching our leaders in the act! Good that we now have learnt of the dreams our ministers have in their eyes; both while asleep and when awake! Can we call this the Sunny Leone effect? <br><br>

We no longer feel like clenching our fists and making a loud noise about these shameful events, for we have kind of got used to them. A wrong once committed is a mistake, but when repeated becomes a crime. Though we do know the intensity of such preposterous events, we can do little about them and simply laugh our hearts out. <br><br>

What else? <br><br>

Here’s what renowned write Shobhaa De had to tweet on learning about yet another “porn watching” drama in the assembly. “This is really silly. It is sounding like BJP is being branded a Party of Porn Watchers! They can't all be porn addicts, surely?” <br><br>

Well…why this Kolaveri Di over porn, BJP? You earnestly need some detoxification therapy for your ministers who look quite sex starved! <br><br>

If the opposition is ‘Jack’ of corruption, why are you turning into masters of porn? <br><br>

Where is Indian politics heading? To the house of endless porn? I guess so…<br><br>

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has the ‘Goddess of love’ by his side as she is all set to flaunt her ‘Jism’ in an erotic adult love story. If Sunny’s stint on ‘Bigg Boss’ could create such fervour pan India and even in the political domain, wonder what will end up happening once her film releases in India. <br><br>

Will our leaders have a special screening of the film ‘Jism 2’? (Though it’s not porn, mind you.) <br><br>

With the ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata too making headlines for being obsessed with Sunny Leone’s adult films and even the likes of Poonam Pandey urging India to legalise porn, the day isn’t too far when PORN will become colloquial. <br><br>

To maintain the sanctity of the Indian legislature is the need of the hour, and each one of us needs to act as responsible citizens. Leaders who want to watch sleaze should limit it to their bedrooms only. Respect your position, respect the House.

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