There are better things to worry about than AIB Roast!

Let us give ourselves a huge pat on our backs for bringing such an important issue (AIB Knockout) to the forefront—a comedy roast, which got termed as national shame by some.

#AIBNationalShame started trending on all social media platforms after a number of imminent personalities jumped to the conclusion of calling it offensive, crass and filthy humour which contaminates the minds of the nation.

My point of writing the article is that while some people liked it and others took an immediate dislike towards the AIB Raost of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor, considering it as a matter of national shame is something which is hard to digest.

In a country which is grappling with serious matters that should indeed come under the scanner and scrutiny of being disgraceful, a comedy roast is getting the maximum attention. Really?

We are indeed a funny race. We have such mundane lives that we are at ease to observe things at a distance but turn a blind eye and get deaf about things that happen right in front of us.

Even if 'offence' dances naked in front our eyes, we do not bat an eyelid because it is easy to target a comedy show than speak out against the subjects that are filthy, offensive and subject of what 'shame' should be all about.

There are far more offensive things that happen in the country than the AIB Roast that has created such a furore.

In a democratic nation with free speech and thought, goons in the name of moral policing roam and impose weird illogical rules on the society and are of course supported by people with microphones.

Hindu Mahasabha roams free even after threatening to get couples married if they are found dating on Valentine's Day. Has logic taken a back seat in our country? India is a free country and one is free to decide for himself. Whether or not one gets married should be nobody's business.

Pubs being attacked, youth beaten up, restaurants being targeted - all in the name of moral policing – things that boil my blood and sends sparks of 'offence' down my spine.

Hypocrisy is rampantly dancing the tango in our nation. People have objections to accept a rape victim in the society but they are OK with ogling at and welcoming a porn star. Not that I am raising any objection to that, but if an adult movie star is given a star status, a rape victim's mockery in our society is definitely a national shame. Major leaders of our country have said things about 'small rapes', 'rapes because of noodles', 'boys rape mistakenly', 'girls should not wear jeans', 'she shouldn't have slept in the cab' and a number of senseless statements that were much more shameworthy than the AIB roast.

If one talks of defiling women and her status in our society, please give a huge round of applause to our blockbuster Hindi movies that walk away with the crown.

Dancing to `Tanduri Murgi Hu Yaar` ( like a roasted chicken), `Pinky hai paise valo ki` (Pinky belongs to those are moneyed) have never been objectionable to the Censor Board.

There have been no FIRs against dozens of songs and movies that are not just vulgar but portray women as nothing more than sexual objects.

Public leering openly at the heroines on the big-screen and later aping the same on street with female passer-bys are instances I'm sure no one has ever had a problem with.

Moving on, the instances of rape and crime against women in our country have reached the highest peak. When other nations might witness a series of measures and even stricter laws to curb it or bring it down, we are only seeing a steady rise in sporadic ways of barbaric rapes and they just get worse. The way the gangrapes take place with the victim’s body being not just hungrily torn down but attacked in ways that cannot be termed human.

My only concern is that when not a single day passes by without cases of rapes being registered. Why don't all the culturally concerned people of the highest authority come forward to actually punish these rapists?

People who keep on blabbering about , `India's culture is this... India's culture is that`, please come to the forefront to protest against the horrific account of rapes because this too is 'etched' in our culture.

On one hand we give the supreme position to women folk in the form of goddesses who we worship, and on the other hand that same population is chagrined, defiled, beaten up, curtailed of all rights and become victims of atrocities.

This is a matter of serious national shame which brings humiliation to us as citizens of the country in the world. The entire attention and importance being turned to the AIB Roast is just a reflection of the priorities of our society.

Yes, certain jokes in the AIB Knockout were overstretched and crass but not more than the plight of our country at present.

At a time when female foeticide, child marriages, dowry deaths, barbaric rapes and casteism are so widely practiced, the 'intelligentsia' of our society takes offence to a show that doesn't even deserve all the noise.

Let's just talk about one of the most important women offenders in India - Honey Singh. Almost all his songs are filled with golden words of how to dishonour a woman's integrity. And the most easily affected crowds are full of glee humming and swaying his overtly sexist and offensive songs which overflow with slangs.

Remember his infamous song, `Break-up party`? It was brimming with classic lyrics such as, `Dhoyegi tu kacche, Aur gande bartan`... and what not? There was no censor board curtailing the wonderful lyrics of the song. In fact it topped the chart-busters and gave Singh all the recognition and praise that he did not deserve.

But remember, this is the same censor board which recently was in headlines because it wanted to drop the word 'Bombay' from a Mihir Joshi song.

So, if I am correct, Bombay is offensive but telling girls that `Choti skirt mein bomb lagti mainu` is perfectly fine. Sometimes, I feel like choking myself on this evident hypocrisy.

Of course, slamming women folk and putting them in the right 'place' where they are supposed to be doing menial tasks, is a part of our culture. If something needs to be banned, then it has to be such a rapper's songs.

Being from the North East, I have faced the brunt of some seriously blood-curling abuses from what some people consider mainstream. There have been so many times that the educated section of society were quick to question, `Oh, you're from Assam, but you don't look like a `chinky`?

Calling north easterners 'chinky' in their own country, discriminating them for their looks, judging their food habits and assuming that they live on tree-houses, are matters that should be taken to the parliamentary debate. Why is the major political section quiet about the insults hurled at them or the way they are being treated at large? Why should there be even the mistake of labelling them as 'immigrants' by a national party!

So, those of you who in the comfort of your lounges, scream your lungs out about Indian culture please spare a thought or two on the matters that are rightly disgraceful.

As far as the AIB roast is concerned, like certain people said at the time of release of `PK`, “you don't like it, don't watch it”.





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