Things showbiz can do without

Sloppy films, even sloppier reality TV antics, tongue and cheek remarks, using the age old ‘good friends’ reference to cover up sizzling relationships, star weddings to scintillating item numbers, 2010 was full of drama, excitement and a score of similarly appalling events. <br/><br/>With little good and tons of bad and ugly moments that hit headlines, the year had more twitchy and irksome instances than pleasing memories. And as we step into the New Year, we would like to give a little heads-up to our limelight scorchers of the things we mango people can do without. <br/><br/>So stay away from these foes and say cheers for new beginnings!!<br/><br/>1. Less of reality drama queens: Dolly Bindra and Rakhi Sawant …. Just disappear. It’s time these drama queens to brush up their social skills and their tongue for that matter. Loudmouthed, tacky dress sense, complete disregard for humanity and simply blah, these TV personalities are more like TV parasites, who should stop itching our brains now. Need we say more? <br/><br/>2. No more star studded duds: Big budgets yet small hopes, it’s time our superstars stop making a mockery of our intelligence. Big or small budget, we just want some quality entertainment. So stop making brainless star studded potboilers and concentrate on generating original content. <br/><br/>3. WTF reality shows: Reality TV shows have become an emotional and mental attyachar, so it’s time we put a moral censor on such shows. I mean, who in his sane mind would go to Rakhi Sawant for ‘insaaf’? And why just Rakhi, shows like ‘Roadies’, ‘Splitsvilla’ and ‘Truth Love Cash’, that are supposed to be in-sync with the Gen-X, are equally sordid as they resort to the same shabby skin-show & abusive antics for eyeballs. <br/><br/>4. Hush-hush relationships: It’s time our Tinsel Town lovebirds stopped playing cat and mouse with the media and confessed to their relationships. Be it a fling or a serious commitment, there is no fooling the ‘aam junta’. So come out and be bold enough to call love/lust by its name. <br/><br/>5. No to tacky dance songs: We are proud of Munni and Sheila. The two item songs that got the nation grooving made Munni and Sheila the most popular household names. The songs gained popularity not only in India, but also across borders. Apart from these two songs, the other item numbers this year were disappointing acts of skin-show. <br/><br/>6. Say no to remakes: Be it a southern film or a Hollywood superhit, Bollywood practices no restrain when it comes to copying films. What’s more is that it does a miserable job even at making remakes. It’s time we said no to remakes and scratched our heads for some innovative creative dope. <br/><br/>7. Despicable publicity antics: Actors conducting sting operations, lashing out at the media for self speculated infidelity rumours, to indulging into pre release shabby antics, cheap publicity stunts are growing by the day. In fact the bigger the controversy that precedes the film the better it does at the BO. <br/><br/>8. Overdose of film stars: From hosting reality shows to endorsing undies, film stars are everywhere. And no matter how much we love them, we all can do with a less of Bollywood actors being constantly flashed on TV. <br/>

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