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Three 'I's and the World War

By Satish K Singh | Last Updated: Sunday, February 19, 2012 - 23:48
Satish K Singh
Inside Out

Somehow, the war never gets stopped of being invented, all with the trumpeted ‘mission’ of preventing the world from its catastrophic consequences, however, it is never the case. The catastrophe is sold as warning or danger of total annihilation and it pays handsomely for the inventors and the collaborators alike and history is replete with examples. Annihilation phobia is perhaps designed and marketed precisely to annihilate the immediate ‘challenger’ or detractor(s). The embedded decadal Gulf or Iraq war never found WMDs but did in ‘Saddams’ – the annihilator. The lasers and stealth could not detect Osama for 10 years but just before parting heli-drones could precisely hit him spot on; and now Iran has come up – the nuke flexing new demon.

Why Iran? Why after Iraq now? And why not long ago Pak ‘Islamic Bomb’ – no and never, who knows, perhaps now? The facts are very simple to detect - Nuke and Taliban(ed) Pakistan was a big support against Russians. Even, Iraq for long was a big bulwark against Khomeini’s Iran. But, utility is calculated as per time and need – partner for specific missions and then throw or finish them on or off the bed. And, this is why you need to invent and re-invent – enemies, friends, partners and annihilators. After all or first of all, you have to save humanity and protect the world - but, without cost - not at all.

Whatever may be the formation – ‘Capitalist – Imperialist’, ‘Communist – Socialist’ or ‘Nukish – Islamist’, the result is always not the holocaust at one go but divide and ruin of a permanent kind. And, what a coincidence, the war looks like again happening on an Asian soil – the third in succession – Iraq, Afghanistan and possibly now Iran. Its U (USA) and I (Iran) war, already set in motion for what looks like inevitable. The danger this time is, that all previous three were, almost all against one, however, against muscle flexing Iran, what about the intentions of single superpower challenger China and ‘middler’ Russia?

For Iran and Israel - it all out and open - but what for a doubly pressed another I – India. And, how to view nuke overnight ‘photo-op’ of Iran – Pakistan – Afghanistan? There is also an ICU factor in my view – when we look at India – China – USA equation, in light of fast- developing domestic and International alignment following Iranian President’s nuke show. Is it a return to war that is cold (blooded) or too hot to handle?

It is no worry for nuke self-reliant India but definitely yes for a ‘sticky’ bomb afflicted and hugely Iran dependent India for precious oil. There is no place to hide under a formation like the redundant NAM and erstwhile USSR to fall back upon. Aspiring India also can’t ignore US – Israel axis, can’t even rely upon China even one bit to be sure. What to do? Suddenly, you will be asked once again to yield refueling facilities already being pressured to cutoff oil links, forget the oil pipelines.

More symbolically, can an aspiring superpower or an already 'Asian power' afford to remain aloof or silent from a conflict brewing on Asian soil and that too very much in immediate neighbourhood (forget Pakistan for a while). Already, a lot is happening in Afghanistan, Maldives and Sri Lanka, much to the dislike of the Indian establishment. Most conveniently, it’s not black or white but the ‘grey’ which suits India traditionally. Is the time different? When will India get to assert? One can’t be a world power always basking in ‘grey’. Things are too complex in totality and the world will seek decisive answers quickly.

The more USA and its friends draw out Iran and Co., the more complex it will be for the ‘Powers’ to fine tune their responses. Nuances and stances are after all dichotomous. So, where are we – in for trouble times again – the ‘catastrophe’ unfolding - sense our gulf expatriates. Every time a war is invented on Asian soils, the second most populous country can’t remain unaffected; and never forget the century unfolding has often been flaunted as the ‘Asian century’.

India has reasons to dread, but not the two ‘architects’ President Ahmadinejad and second time hopeful President Barak Hussain Obama. Even President Obama can boast of having probably, one ‘I’ war to his credit - the three previous Presidents, each had one. Remember, President Obama started with a promise of burying the haunt of ‘clash of civilizations’. But the 'protective’ economic walls, he has built is paying dividends – US employment chart is a reason for his smile; and to go by Iraq booty, war is not a bad economy at the end.

However, ‘sanctions’ against ‘civilization’ offender – will it work? At what cost? Is Iran the same as Saddam’s Iraq? Or does Iran’s challenge call for a new ‘détente’ and ‘balance of power(s) in Asia or even at the world stage. Tell me, which nuke power has been attacked ever since its invention and if it is to be or not to be, then imagine the consequences – real catastrophe in offing. God forbid.

First Published: Sunday, February 19, 2012 - 23:48

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