Trending on the `selfie` path!

Updated: May 19, 2014, 13:09 PM IST

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who`s the fairest of `em all?”

It is an age old saying which currently stands so true for our favourite celebrities worldwide. The obsession of clicking their own pictures (read `Selfies`) and posting them on all possible social media platforms seems to be a trend catching on fast.

The term `selfie` actually means a self-portrait usually clicked with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. Quite often we find celebrities posting `selfies` on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the likes and lately this has become the favourite self-appreciative activity of these `high-end` people.

From reality TV star Kim Kardashian in the West to our very own desi wannabe Poonam Pandey, they all take the `selfie` posting activity a tad too seriously. However, the most interesting part is that this `selfie` culture is not just limited to the rich and famous but also quite rampant with the younger lot.

The famous pop-singer Katy Perry has even dismissed the trend, signing it off as a `disease`. The singer who was in LA to celebrate a music festival faced a tough time when a fan reportedly asked her to pose for a selfie. The singer later tweeted: "Dear festival friends remember, selfing is a disease."

However, on the other hand we have stars such as Kim Kardashian, who believe in posting every single change in their personal life through these selfies. Kim K went a step ahead when she posted her pictures showing off her baby bump. The reality television star even came up with the idea of `how to post a perfect selfie`. Just imagine!

It specially went out of hand when television show host Ellen DeGeneres posted the famous Oscar selfie that went viral, breaking records by becoming the most re-tweeted post of all times.

Well, it`s not just the West which seems to be under a selfie spell; in our very own tinsel town, the bug has bitten many.

Be it actors such as Alia Bhatt, making use of the social media platform to promote her latest film and her co stars on Twitter or be it Sonakshi Sinha who just likes posting cool ones on Instagram.

The glam queen Sonam Kapoor can`t be missed when writing about this intriguing topic. The `Massakali` of B-Town is quite a regular in updating her newest pictures on the photo-sharing website, Instagram. It is quite possible that the fashion diva clicks more self portraits than sign new films.

Why blame just Sonam Kapoor, actress Neha Dhupia too is a selfie freak. Instagram is flooded with her self-obsessed pictures. Whether in a bikini or in a sexy LBD, B-Town stars surely can`t get enough of themselves and they make sure that the fans too ask for more. Our B-Town ladies are so addicted to posting pictures that `selfie-obsession` is likely to soon start trending and breaching personal lives.

Interestingly, both Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities use the `selfie` trend for promotional gimmicks—films, new ventures etc.

When checking out the selfies posted by commoners like you and me, the most common caption found with a `selfie` on social media networks is `check out my new look`. It becomes quite a sight to actually see that there is absolutely no change in the person posting that particular `changed look`.

The young and the restless often get carried away while following a trend blindly, and that`s the catch in the situation. The medium when used with caution and knowledge can do no harm and in fact be a pleasing activity but when misled can drown a person in hassles such as identity theft.

Therefore, it won`t be an exaggeration to say that self-obsessed celebs are triggering a dangerous outpour where the youth can get swayed by the revealing selfie trend.

But as they say, it`s two sides of the same coin. So, if self-obsession can be blamed for negative exposure on social media platform, the cool new selfies can be credited for creating an air happy rose coloured life too.

All said and done, it surely has made users more confident to face the world, and a little worried about how they look more than how they lead their lives. After all, if Obama can, why can`t they?

Wait, till I post a few more `selfies` (oops)!

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