Valentine special: 10 things women expect from their partners!

By Anindita Dev | Updated: Feb 11, 2015, 14:29 PM IST

Love does not have simply one definition or an angle to its myriad forms. With Valentine's Day just zooming in and the single ladies out there wondering what to look for in their partners, make sure you never compromise with the one you feel you can click with. A girl can be very demanding at times or not at all.

Every woman has her own set of criteria or list of expectations from a man in a relationship.

A car, bank-balance and good looks apart from the cliched honesty, loyalty are just too male-dominated a set of ideas.

Here is a check-list of expectations that a woman could look up to:

1. The man should at least make sure he is available mentally when you need him. If not all the times but at times when you go through turmoil, at least his presence can make you feel light. Sometimes a caring shoulder to lean to is all that a girl may need.

2. Leaving a sweet little note at times may work wonders. Imagine when you wake up to little notes of care and surprise, it makes your day, doesn't it?

3. Someone who will never show his back at trying times. If he stands with you through thick and thin, do not let him down. There are not too many guys out there who will do that.

4. A relationship can never work on the effort from just one side. It takes two to tango. Nevertheless, if he can make you laugh and is humourous, he is worth giving your time to. Women like men who can be humorous, funny and not-so serious all the time.

5. Lets you be yourself. A man who knows how to keep his relationship balanced without choking on the freedom of his partner, can earn your brownie points.

6. If your guy can cook, what more can a woman ask for! If he is willing to fix a heavenly Sunday brunch or cook a fantastic barbecue for his lady love, just sit back and enjoy the special meal.

7. Being a gentleman never goes out of style: The little things that he does for you does not go unnoticed. Holding out the door, pulling a chair being all tender – is enough to go a woman weak in her knees. The gesture that comes from within is bound to touch her heart.

8. It's quite a wrong notion that all a girl needs is a rich suave boy who spends lavishly on her. Actually, it’s quite stereotypical. Most women would rather have her man to give her time and a little bit of attention. That is just enough to keep her happy. One may be a busy man, but quality time is more important than anything else.

9. In a relationship, one should be able to feel secured and at comfort. He should love you enough and let you be yourself when you with him.

10. Priority matters. No matter wherever he is stuck, you should be his utmost priority (depends on the situation) after his family, of course. It is not worth being with someone who just treats you as an option. Remember, that no one is too busy in this world. It's all about setting your priorities right.