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Valentine’s Day: Why I will not celebrate!

By Ritam Banati | Last Updated: Saturday, February 6, 2010 - 17:17
Ritam Banati
The Fourth Dimension

This day evokes many memories! It makes me regret once again with teenage remorse why my hands shuddered at the prospect of giving my first V-Day card to my crush in school. The occasion also makes me wonder what might have stopped my lips from stretching when that hunk had smiled. Moreover, flashes of memory return which had become the source of my romantic poems! “From the vacuum of my mind and the oblivion of my heart I call out your name….”

My youth seems to have dissipated. I won’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is the rose of romance which springs from the seed of love. A rose that shines with a glow that reflects in the softness of its petals. That flower which is bathed in youthful energy and blooms fully during spring-time! The spring in my life seems to have withered away as I am caught in the entrapment of life’s humdrum routine.

The occasion does not demand a commemoration.

The festive-like spirit bursting in its vibrancy was lived better in the days of leisure. That time has been replaced with the wild struggles of the monotony that thrives in the laborious toil of everyday life. The power which held me once in the warmth of its embrace tragically seems to have faded away. Now the mind feels the tinge of responsibilities and the shackles of daily life and at times tries hard to not be bogged down by them.

In the everyday pressures and tight schedules, slicing out time to mark this event seems childishly impractical!

Childish! How come? The mother in me overtakes the child inside. The apple cheeks of my baby and the zinging sound of his laughter infuse me with Valentine vivacity. Oodles of chaste innocence mixed with gullible mischief makes me want to live my life kingsize once again! This little bundle of joy rouses me to swing to and fro. The rigorous routine seems to act as a halt on small joys!

A connection with the child within me whether in the protective arms of my father or an affectionate cuddle of my mother remind me once again, “The child in us never grows. It only learns to behave.” Letting down the guard of maturity seems to be the easiest thing in the world!

Unveiling the inner self, I pour out constantly what my heart contains in front of the incomparable concern reflected in my sisters’ eyes; also lend a shoulder for her to unburden the stresses of her life.

Sometimes, when the feeling goes beyond, shedding tears in front of my life-partner and seeking solace from the words he utters. Where is the time to romance the bond when situations keep away quality time!

The eyes of the mind can either get infatuated with the barren patch of land or fall in love with that garden of flowers.

Are the chords of the heart weaving to the sound of the thunder or the rhythm of the falling rain? Is it the darkness that is attacking me with shadows or the twinkle of stars that is radiating me with beams?

A bundle of sweetness whose taste lingers in my soul through the day! A delicate touch of life whose hugely fragile eyes have captured my heart! I have a finger to hold on in times of need! There is a warm clasp of arms that will invite me anytime of the day or night! Two abodes of concern in the form of sisters I seek refuge in all the time! I have a pillar from where my strength derives its resolve at times!
There are countless causes to forget the spirit of St Valentine’s Day. But in my life and in yours, there maybe one reason to celebrate!

Have you discovered it yet?

First Published: Saturday, February 6, 2010 - 17:17

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