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Wanted, Married Men!

Last Updated: Thursday, August 6, 2009 - 10:06

Lucky is the man who is married! For no one seems to be as irresistible to the B-Town leading ladies as this particular species. Men, it seems, have never had it easier.

Want to woo a Bollywood belle? Simple, just get married to up your attraction factor. Shocking as it may sound, it’s happening!

Age-no-bar, caste-no-bar and going by the recent times, marriage-no-bar suits filmdom lasses in search of their knights in shining armour. Even if he is a daddy of two or a husband sworn to loyalty, these seductresses know no such thing as ‘going out of their limits’.

Lusting for the man, who sports the wedding ring, the one sign that clearly connotes - ‘forbidden fruit’, the divas are taking liberties with the dynamics desired for an ideal prince charming. And not that I am a dogmatic, who feels that love is bound by trifles like age, caste, sex or in this case even a happy home, but what baffles me is the growing propensity of our ‘desi’ babes (who are always up for women’s rights) to don and grace the role of the ‘other woman’.

Though being offered to play such a role would have them explode like a dysfunctional ‘anar’ (the cracker not the fruit!), off-screen it has become a reality that is often leaked for public consumption.

Well, there must be something magical about these hooked, booked and cooked men that our divas find completely enticing. Why else would our leading ladies like Shilpa Shetty, Kareena Kapoor, Sridevi and even yesteryear’s dream-girl Hema Malini, run into the arms of these big daddies? With everything going for them, from impressive success to envious figures and overflowing bank accounts, they could have gone first-hand instead of a second-hand arm candy.

But gone are the days when ladies chased tall dark and handsome men. As of now, it’s the tried and tested married man that our sublime beauties are vouching for. The divas turn a blind eye to men of their age and pine for the older ‘knotted’ men, who have failed to live up to their past commitments, and unabashedly flash them as their boy-toy - a bizarre trend indeed!

The hush-hush whispers and scandalous uproars these affairs once generated are now passé. In fact, today there are books enlightening the ‘other woman’ about tricks she can deploy to achieve favourable results in her pursuit to be a perfect ‘home wrecker’. Appalled? Don’t be. Just go online and Google it. They offer pretty simple tips to wreck a marriage.

What’s more is that the shock, horror and outrage these affairs used to raise have now been replaced by an understandable nod. And why not? It’s understandable, isn’t it? Any hot-blooded man would argue that it’s just natural to give in to the lure of youth, when it’s complemented with skyrocketing success and an hourglass figure.

Well, whether we like it or not, there is a law universally acknowledged that women, no matter how fabulous they might be, lose their mystery as they apply the vermilion. Whereas, men flaunt their wedding rings as a forced accessory that their better halves nudged them into sporting, against their macho will.

From displaying chivalry to spending lavishly to sweep these divas off their feet, these men have increasingly influenced our desi girls with their ways and means. Meanwhile, the single and the vying to mingle bachelor is just made to look like an overgrown boy, with little to offer.

Highly popular in the West, it’s spreading like a virus in our supposedly value-driven Bollywood. While in Hollywood the examples run in plenty, the recent being the ‘Braveheart’ hunk Mel Gibson, who cheated on his partner of 27 years for a younger Russian dame Oksana, Bollywood, too is not far behind.

From Shilpa, Kareena, to reportedly even the angel-faced Preity, they are all caving into their devilish streak. Ask Shilpa Shetty, who is busy painting the town red with her marriage plans to the divorced millionaire Raj Kundra. The London based jeweller is leaving no penny unspent to fulfill the whims and fancies of our Miss Bollywood.

Though Kundra went from a no-profile to a woah-profile, courtesy Shetty, the actress hasn’t had it easy. Just when she was presenting her new beau as her much priced trophy with a perfect lineage, his ex-wife Kavita thwarted all of Shetty’s plans. Not only did she go public with the hell Shetty and Kundra had put her through, she even disclosed to British tabloids as to how Shilpa’s unsavory moves on her husband devastated their happy home while she was pregnant. Nevertheless, with Kundra, Kavita and Shilpa embroiled in an ugly face off, tabloids made merry on juicy details.

But what’s ironic is that instead of Kavita, it was our dainty lass Shetty who came across as a ‘damsel in distress’. Venting to the media, Kavita was made to look like a bitter ex-wife bent upon destroying Shetty’s homely repute.

Hoping to turn the situation on its head, Shetty declared a media war, only to see it backfire. What came next was even more dirt and raunchy details as to how Shetty played her cards to woo Kundra. Though Kavita had had read the writing on the wall by then, the warring ladies are yet to see eye-to-eye.

But Shilpa isn’t the lone star eyeing the married man; Preity Zinta too seems to have joined the club. The dimpled dame, who had previously, being accused by Suchitra for breaking her marriage with Shekhar Kapur, now, supposedly has her eyes on UK based millionaire Vikram Chatwal.

From business magnate Ness Wadia to ladies’ magnet Vikram Chatwal, she seems to be on the fast track to catch hold of her Mr Right. Though, with Preity’s million dollar smile and Ness’ millions, the ravishing Ms Zinta and her high-flying beau, did make a dashing couple. Nevertheless, spirited as she is, Zinta seems to have wasted no time moping over her past relationship, and is already hopping on the single circuit, partying hard to beat the blues.

And that’s where hotelier Chatwal came into the picture. The two were reportedly seen bringing down the house at a bash. Having a swell of a time, the two canoodled and made merry till the wee hours. The teeny-weeny fact that Chatwal is married, didn’t seem to have stopped Zinta from wooing her new rebound guy.

Well, who needs to mourn over ex-love affair when you have a millionaire waiting at your doorstep?

And now a couple that loves to romance the flashbulbs and stay in news for all kinds of reasons, right and wrong, Saifeena rule here too. Not that Kareena had any role to play in breaking up Saif marriage to yesteryears’ hottie Amrita Singh (The acrimonious act was done by Italian bombshell Rosa), but she sure left her ex-Mr right Shahid all high and dry when she rushed into the arms of Chotte Nawab.

Strange as it may sound the 27-yr-old Kapoor scion has built quiet a rapport with Saif’s kids and doesn’t mind being dubbed as Chotti Begum.

Not that these beauties are the first nor will they be the last ones to eye the married man, but they sure have given husbands a reason to smile and wives a reason to tighten the noose around their men. Well they say, good girls go to heaven bad girls go everywhere - and filmdom queens seem to have made their choice!

First Published: Thursday, August 6, 2009 - 10:06

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