What makes women put up with infidelity?
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Last Updated: Sunday, April 25, 2010, 09:20
What do Elin Nor, Sandra Bullock, Kate Winslet and Cheryl Cole have in common? Trust me it goes beyond their fame, smart personalities, skyrocketing success and of course their super gorgeous frames and looks. Well, it’s their cheating ‘love rat’ husbands! Their better halves have been putting them to shame by having affairs with ladies errr… girls half their wives’ age, who BTW are already years younger to these unfaithful men.

From being pitied and empathised with to being ridiculed and dubbed as gutless ladies with no self esteem, Sandra Bullock and her kind have been judged as much as their deceitful husbands. Wonder why?

They are being banished and looked down upon for putting up or rather bearing with their cheating partners. For any self respecting woman (in favour of the fairer sex) would argue that why would anyone as loaded and as stunning as a Sandra or an Elin put up with a man who hits the sack with any and every woman who comes his way. Not that it would have been fine if they had used some discretion!!

But as they say it’s easy to question and snub someone’s choice than to reason and comprehend. And no, I am in no way whatsoever trying to justify infidelity or the choices these iconic beauties have made. Nevertheless, what intrigues me are the reasons given by sources and so called anonymous best pals of these beauties for them sticking by their infidel hu
sbands and trying to save their smashed marriages.

It’s complicated. The reasons are numerous. Unrelenting love was the reason in Cheryl Cole’s case where she forgave her husband Ashley’s playboy antics just to find him at it again. Financial glitches were the cause in Elin Nor’s case. Elin reportedly asked for a bomb to stay married to Tiger Woods, even as his mistresses popped up like bubbles in a soda can.

Here one may argue that Elin would be richer divorced to Tiger than being married to him. But then what about one’s comfort zone and kids as my colleagues in a very animated debate pointed out. Their argument was that with time a woman gets so comfortable living with a man that she fears change. And the kids are too big a factor to even think of a divorce. True, but how really comforting is the thought of your man sleeping with other women? And how do you plan to explain to your kid about the dainty lass whom his daddy sports on his arm?

Yikes right, unacceptable? I mean, how do you imagine Sandra Bullock being cheated by a man like Jesse James, who pardon me for saying this, should be thanking his lucky stars everyday to have a woman who not only took in and cared for his children as if they were her own but also made a celebrity of him?

Scares you, doesn’t it? When women like these can get duped then what are the chances for common Janes like us. And although these reasons may seem convincing to many, the bare truth of the matter is infidelity can’t be treated at rehab. It’s a choice not an addiction.

To sum it up: once a cheater is always a cheater! What’s best then is, if not to forgive, to try and forget and move on. It’s sure tough as hell. But who said life is all hahahehe?? After all, there is a reason why self-love is stated to be the beginning of a life long romance.

First Published: Sunday, April 25, 2010, 09:20

(The views expressed by the author are personal)
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