When humans turn demons...

We humans are God’s most intelligent, beautiful and dynamic creation (that’s what most of us believe)! We are endowed with the ability to think and do things that our fellow living beings can’t.

We have been gifted with a tongue to express ourselves and also have the power to decide the plight of the mute beings on earth. We are a superior race both literally and otherwise, isn’t it?

Interestingly, the tongue that makes us God’s distinct creation has an important role to play in shaping a human being too. Words can either make or break a person. And the same tongue also becomes a catalyst in deciding who deserves to stay on earth and who doesn’t!

Sincere apologies, if I am being ambiguous in expressing myself. But the reason perhaps for this vagueness is that I am emotionally charged, because I feel very sorry for the animals that we butcher day-in and day-out to satiate our taste buds.

After a number of debates and discussions with non-vegetarians whom I know, I learnt that we consider ourselves the masters of all, and none can question our move to slaughter animals and birds for food.

Many, who are non-vegetarians argue that if goats, sheep, bulls, cows, pigs, ducks and hens are not slaughtered, their population would increase manifold, and in order to curb their reproduction, it is important to eat them.

They even try to justify their choice of food by accusing vegetarians like me of being killers of plants! Perhaps that’s the only way they think they can corner us.

Some even explain that when the cows stop lactating, they become “useless” and so their meat could come in handy for beef lovers. Likewise, when bulls turn old and no longer have the strength to pull the plough, its best that their masters sell them to slaughter houses for meat.

My question is – who on earth are we to decide who’s productive and who isn’t? We are no authority to decide who is worthy of sharing the earth with us and who isn’t.

Yes, of course, food preferences are a matter of choice, but our choices can’t dictate terms to animals who have as much right on earth as us.

We chop off trees and build homes in areas assigned for forest land. We, who are responsible for deforestation, accuse animals of encroaching into our territory. Isn’t that height of hypocrisy?

We wage wars, pollute the environment, endanger lives of other species on earth, poach animals for skin, tusks, fur and then complain of the fury of Mother Nature and global warming.

Meat import and export make business in billions annually. Experts will squabble over the fact that the economy will take a blow if slaughter of animals is put to an end.

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated- Mahatma Gandhi

Humanity has the right to flourish despite denying the right to life to other living beings. How dare someone question us when we pluck the fur off rabbits even as they scream for mercy, for our exquisite fashion labels? Testing drugs on animals is our birth right. We can confine animals in suffocating enclosures in zoos for our “general knowledge” and visual pleasure.

Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace—Albert Schweitzer

We hail the greatness and the works of great men and scholars. But we seldom put their words into use.

Life is life – whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man’s own advantage—Sri Aurobindo

As I battle the agony within me, I no longer feel the experience of being a human “enriching”.

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