Why Aamir Khan is ‘Satyamev Jayate’

Updated: May 09, 2012, 12:41 PM IST

Some call him a marketing genius while some others bombard him with criticism. Yet, he succeeds in winning hearts of millions by connecting with them on a personal level. <br/><br/>When a superstar doesn’t throw starry tantrums, doesn’t go head over heels on seeing an ocean of fanatic fan following and does not believe in blowing kisses at them wearing a headstrong attitude- that person is called Aamir Khan.<br/><br/>When I look at Aamir, I don’t see a star in him for he is one among us with that little extra bit of intellect and WILL that we often fail to put into use. With ‘Satyamev Jayate’ Aamir has proved that you and I too could be like him provided we have the courage and tenacity to speak up about the unsocial.<br/><br/>He isn’t trying to act as a daredevil by projecting himself as a revolutionary. Nor is he trying to win himself a cushioned seat in the Indian political domain. All he is trying to do is to give a practical reference to what we could do to collectively fight the evil in our society.<br/><br/>Yes, ‘Satyamev Jayate’ is not the first of its kind. And I really wonder if the show would have been a success sans Aamir, but one thing’s for sure, the actor has indeed been able to channelise our attention towards grave issues we were aware but ignored all this while.<br/><br/>If you are wondering what great has he done by talking about issues we already know, here’s the answer- he has shown us an image that mirrors our true selves, an image that we voluntarily choose to overlook and perhaps turn blind.<br/><br/>Even as millions across the country and globe are applauding Aamir’s noble initiative, some attention starved people are hell bent on trying to put his efforts down by either slapping charges of plagiarism against him or by calling him an actor who is trying to make the most of his “superstar” status.<br/><br/>Instead of slinging mud at Aamir, one must take a leaf out of his books. And as they say actions speak louder than words, why couldn’t anyone else think of doing something similar by creating a massive public forum on national television?<br/><br/>Wondering how you can create a mass movement? Just follow Mahatma Gandhi. Have you ever really wondered how this great soul succeeded in uniting the length and breadth of the country at a time when there was no TV and no extensive electronic media coverage? The father of the nation had noble intentions and the WILL to keep Indians united and create a mass movement. And many who had been a part of the movement then hadn’t even seen the Mahatma in person. Yet Gandhi was able to strike an emotional chord with his followers, who were ever ready to do anything for him.<br/><br/>I ain’t trying to compare Aamir with the Mahatma here. All I am trying to say that if you have the WILL, you will have the WAY. Aamir has in a way sowed the seeds of a new revolution and it is up to us to collectively fight to create new India. And right are those who say, “United we stand, divided we fall’. Its time for us to join hands with Aamir.<br/><br/>And a message for those who haven’t appreciated Aamir’s initiate- please don’t appreciate if you don’t feel like but at least stop acting cynical. Be a constructive thinker not a worrywart.

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