Why I dislike 'Bigg Boss'

Colors channel’s reality show 'Bigg Boss' is currently the flavour of the season, especially after the much-publicised entry of porn superstar Sunny Leone. The TRP of the show has been soaring since then and everyone seems to be gaga over the sultry siren, who has to her credit several XXX movies and over twenty million followers on the Internet. <br/><br/>The show has in the past given a new lease of life to the careers of several lesser known people, who become celebrities (though for both good and bad reasons) overnight, post their stint with the 'Bigg Boss'. So clearly, getting an invitation to participate in an immensely the popular show is like hitting a jackpot and fetching a sure shot ticket to stardom. <br/><br/>This is the reason why everybody aspires to be inside the tailor-made house of the 'Bigg Boss'. However, I am one who thinks otherwise. I am probably one of the rare souls in this country, who dare to think differently (Although, most of the times, my out-of the-box thinking fails me, and I am ridiculed for trying to swim against the tide). <br/><br/>You may agree with me or not, but I have my own reasoning for my aversion to be an inmate in the Bigg Boss house. You see, entry into the Bigg Boss house is not easy. I believe, one needs to posses certain qualities to be eligible to enter the Bigg Boss house, without which there will be no takers. <br/><br/><b>Chequered Past & Controversies</b> <br/><br/>The foremost requirement is that you should have a chequered past (for someone leading a simple life there is no space at all in the show). He will be tagged as a commoner and ridiculed as a loser in life who has done nothing (no achievements, no girlfriends, no sex, no fights, no MMS etc). In modern times, a non-controversial person has least chance of grabbing more eyeballs unless he is exceptionally talented (Controversies these days help even exceptionally talented people.) Controversy spells free publicity. Getting involved in a controversy helps a person get instant publicity (negative or positive). He is heard of, he is followed and he makes headlines. This is why people resort to such tactics like abusing others and making false claims or doing bizarre things (Like Veena Malik’s controversial nude photo shoot for FHM) etc. for instant fame. Those in the glamour industry often resort to controversies, create drama and make attention-grabbing headlines to whip up their popularity quotient. Neither have I had any darker side to reveal nor do any controversy to my credit. <br/><br/><b>Greed for Money</b> <br/><br/>I think the Rs one crore booty, which is given to the Bigg Boss winner is a major factor which compels the contestants to do anything (publicity gimmicks like Sara Khan’s fake wedding on the show) for the sake of money. Being wealthy automatically alleviates your social status and pushes you above the cattle-class. The rich and famous are often seen flaunting their wealth and boasting of their blue-blooded lineage. No one would deny that those coming from affluent families are often paid more attention in the society and thus they are capable of influencing others. The saying that money begets money is absolutely correct. It can get you more lucrative lifestyle, good connections and respect among your peers. It also helps you in intimidating others (read the so-called-poor). Remember the famous dialogue from film Deewar ‘mere pas gaadi, hai bangla hai, motor hai ..tumhare pas kya hai? Or KRK’s starry tantrums in previous season of the Bigg Boss when he famously said, “I have a palace of 20,000 sq feet in Dubai. My milk comes from Holland and water from France.” Going by these standards, I have no chance of making in the show ever as I have nothing to boast. I am an averagely paid journalist, who gets milk from Mother Dairy, drinks filtered water and plans to buy a reasonably priced 1BKH unit somewhere in Noida. <br/><br/><b>Low Thinking and High Living</b> <br/><br/>I don’t wish to undermine the reputation of those who have had the (dis)pleasure of staying in the Bigg Boss house, but can’t resist myself from saying that most of them have conducted themselves fairly poorly. Contrary to the ideals of high thinking and simple living, they have stooped so low (or as projected by the show) that they seem to believe in low thinking and high living. Contrary to their screen image, in the Bigg Boss house these celebs do not appear to be practicing what they preach outside. Imagine, Ashmit Patel talking of morality and love and featuring in a scandalous MMS clip with a popular actress. Or think of Swami Agnivesh – a saffron clad saintly figure- who has made news for both good and bad reasons. Will you take these people seriously if they preach you on morality, corruption and other societal evils? Thank God! I do not have to steep so low in my professional and personal life. <br/><br/><b>Special Personality Traits</b> <br/><br/>Barring a few educated and well-mannered celebrities, most of the Bigg Boss contestants have utterly failed to exercise self-restraint. Or shall I say, the format of the show is such that they often fail to maintain their composure and reveal a fake personality. Abuses fly thick and fast in the house, whereas morality, ethos and ethics have taken a backseat. The fear of eviction makes them selfish and diplomatic, compels them to switch sides for personal gains, and indulge in propaganda. They are egoists. They often lie, provoke others and brag about their achievements or star status. Cat-fights erupt in the house often at slightest provocations. Contestants seem to have no objections to smoking, promiscuous skin show, flirting, and use of abusive language as all this adds to their popularity. The reality show has in fact become a correctional centre for those who have fallen on the wrong side in their lives. A majority of contestants have used the show as a platform for improving their image. With their unmindful, abrupt and provocative behaviour, these so-called celebs have exposed their uglier side or shall I say overexposed themselves. <br/><br/>As a normal human being, I also cope with various situations in my life with my own shortcomings and strengths, but never have I had to lose my originality. The fans of Bigg Boss would slam me for taking the high moral ground. But why can’t a reality show be won with true sportsmanship? Why do TV channels have to rely on such provocative, distracting and outrageous content for revenue and winning TRP games? Why can’t we produce popular TV shows like Humlog, Rajni, Buniyaad, Neem Ka Ped, Ramayan, Mahabharat etc. which provide healthy entertainment and strengthen our human sensibilities!

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