Why we don't need four children to save Hinduism

We are not some machine that will produce babies just because a man decided we need to save the religion, as if religion needs saving.

Women have a brain, a heart and a mind of their own. People like Sakshi Maharaj need to stop considering us as mute objects, which according to people like them should be just at the receiving end.

I'm not perturbed by this man's statement at all. In fact, I'm amused. According to his opinion all women should produce at least four children to safeguard Hindu religion!

I know that these days we are attuned to such laughable theories being thrown at us every now and then from men with microphones. But this is just beyond comprehension.

Does he think that raising four children in India is easy? Already, with a country like India grappling with overpopulation, poverty and malnourishment, bearing four babies is highly irrational and I shudder to think the plight of our country if people blindly followed his words. Not only would we be just overflowing with more economic problems, but everybody would probably have to dig oil wells in their backyards to make ends meet. How is rearing four children even feasible in today's time where all prices have sky-rocketed?

Do we need to resort to smuggling now or marry some rich diamond merchants? That is the only way to raise four kids in the world of today.

And in progressive times of the 21st century, can a woman raise four children by herself? Especially, if she is a working woman. She would go completely insane trying to balance and juggle home and work.

Thanks to our mindset of the existing patriarchal society, the responsibility of nurturing and moulding a child falls on the shoulders of the mother. I saw my mother wear out running behind me and my brother while we were growing up. Raising a kid is not easy. Somebody, please tell Sakshi Maharaj that.

Whether a woman is educated or not, she has the full right to take charge of her life. She should have an equal say as her spouse on the matter of children. Just because women can reproduce, it doesn't mean that they can be just reduced to that purpose.

We women have a life and a heart too. A brain as well, which is capable of reasoning and differentiating between right and wrong. Nobody has the right to give us a sermon for what we ought to do, wear and now be told to produce four children.

What he needs to know is what he says is a blow to our self respect. We are not dumb mules carrying the burden of the society. Preparing food and making babies are not the only things that we are born for. It is downright amusing that some agree that having four children will save Hinduism.

If only someone could knock some sense into the man so that he can stop making comments that are at best comical.

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