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Will she go that extra mile?

By Ritesh K Srivastava | Last Updated: Thursday, April 7, 2011 - 14:47
Ritesh K Srivastava
The Observer

Aspiring actress and sexy Kingfisher model Poonam Pandey is surely the hottest property on the internet these days. You would say that female models are usually hot properties, so what’s the big deal if she is one of the most downloaded models on the web and the talk of the town right now.

However, this sexy model, who graced the cover of many popular calendars this year, is surely different from the rest of her clan. The 20 year-old had announced to go naked for fans in the stadium, and then in the dressing room, exclusively for the MSD’s warriors, if they managed to lift the World Cup trophy.

The sensational announcement by the model came at a time when billions of cricket fans both in India and Sri Lanka were holding their nerves and praying for their favourites to win in the final encounter. After Team India’s thrilling victory over arch rival Pakistan at Mohali in the semi-finals, emotions were riding high and in came model Poonam Pandey’s pledge to run in the buff, making the final encounter juicer.

The model, who believes nudity is just another way of expressing happiness, has surely garnered a lot of attention from all walks of life, and, if she is to be believed, it was not meant at getting cheap publicity. Although, her announcement to run in buff has turned the moral brigade livid and they threatened Pandey of dire consequences, the model seems to be undeterred by all the fuss, and intends to go ahead with her plans.

Even as we continue to debate over morality and immorality, the hot model, in her regular Twitter updates, has been assuring her fans that she will definitely strip and that no one can stop her from doing anything which gives her pleasure.

In a bid to show her fans that she has not backtracked from her words, the sexy model wrote to the BCCI before the final match, seeking permission to go naked for the team, claiming that it would have a "therapeutic" effect on Team India and help them win.

In the letter, she wrote, “I want India to win the Cricket World Cup 2011 and am willing to go the extra mile to do anything so that India wins the World Cup. I am ready and willing at any place and time of the Indian team’s choosing to go in the nude to boost their sporting spirit to perform better.”

To drive her point home, Pandey even cited several studies conducted by various foreign universities, which confirm that such performances/expectations boost and inspire people to perform better in any field, be it sports or otherwise. The same has been endorsed by medical books on psychology and psychiatry, she claimed in her letter.

The model went a step further and pleaded the BCCI to allow her to "perform in the privacy of the Indian cricket team`s dressing room or any other place of your choosing" and suggested foreign locations such as Paris, where Indian laws will not be legally binding upon her.

Pandey’s announcement to shed her clothes in lieu of India getting the World Cup glory is nothing new. In past there have been several instances of crazy fans and popular figures taking pledges to do extraordinary things if their long-cherished dream is fulfilled. It’s not too long back that popular Paraguayan model Larissa Riquelme promised to run nude if her country won the football World Cup held last year. Although Paraguay lost, but she still delighted her fans and ran naked anyway.

Cricket is akin to a religion in this country but this is probably the first time that an aspiring model has publicly declared to do a Full Monty if Team India made the impossible possible.

And now that the Men in Blue have ended a 28-year-old drought and become the new world champions after beating Sri Lanka in the finals, everyone seems to be asking the same question, ”Will she keep her promise and bare all? Will she give a naked tribute to Team India’s extraordinary performance?”

Call me cheap, mentally immature or someone with an unending lust for nudity, I eagerly wait for the day when this sexy model shows her curvaceous body and runs in the buff. Like millions of Internet surfers who derive pleasure in browsing through tabloids and web magazines publishing nude images, photo shoots and wardrobe malfunctions of celebrities etc., I too cannot also resist my temptation to see if someone can go to this extent to express her love for the nation.

Like others, I too prayed to God that our national side wins against the formidable Sri Lankans, but deep inside my mind I had a sinful desire of getting a double bonanza on April 2nd – India getting a World Cup glory and the leggy lass baring all as a tribute to Team India’s extraordinary accomplishment.

It’s not that model Poonam Pandey’s naked overtures mean a lot to me than a World Cup victory for India. I am fully aware what a World Cup victory means for India. After beating the Lankan tigers, the whole nation is ecstatic and the madness for the sport is at its peak. God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar’s long-cherished dream for clinching a World Cup trophy has been fulfilled and India has become the first host nation to lift the prestigious trophy on its own soil.

Not to mention that the World Cup crown has catapulted India to the number one spot in the ODI ranking of cricketing nations.

Whether she gets to strip for the Men in Blue or not only time will tell, but her new found publicity is doing wonders for this sexy Gladrags model as she has been flooded with lucrative offers from reality soaps and international publications that want her to pose naked.

Not only this, well known animal rights organization, PETA has approached her to pose naked for the sake of animals instead of shedding her clothes for cricketers. If rumor mills are to be believed, the young model has been offered half a million dollars from an international magazine to pose nude for their cover.

However, she has categorically rejected all such proposals saying, that her act of going nude was only meant for Team India and subject to its winning the World Cup. It has nothing to make money or get cheap publicity, she boldly clarifies.

I don’t know whether she has the express opinion of her parents to do so and whether such public display of nudity and obscenity be allowed or tolerated in a value-based and traditional society like ours, but she at the moment is one of the most searched celebrities on the Internet.

I also know that in the age of Internet, we all are just a click away from a very provocative and lascivious world of free porn, so even if she does not strip, there would still be a lot available on the net to satiate one’s sexual cravings.

But the lady is surely on cloud nine and her magic seems to have worked as India has lifted the coveted World Cup. People here are so ecstatic that the euphoria does not appear to settle down soon. In this cricket crazy nation, one does not mind anyone running naked, keeping fast or sticking to all sort of totems and totkas which can ensure a World Cup title or a victory over arch-rivals Pakistan.

Even as the nation continues to felicitate our stylish cricketers with cash rewards and accolades, Team India must be having a last laugh that this spectacular tournament has brought to fore at least one of the sport’s craziest fan, who is not ashamed of giving a naked tribute to MSD’s boys for what they have achieved.

First Published: Thursday, April 7, 2011 - 14:47

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