'Woman' a gender by virtue!

Updated: Dec 18, 2014, 17:47 PM IST

It aches the heart, soul, mind and all the other awakened senses to know that women are abducted, raped, and robbed off their integrity with much ease lately.

I am at a huge loss of words to describe my helplessness, annoyance and sorrow to see and hear that girls and women are unsafe on this planet.

Women do not have an alternate reality or existence to run to. While by the virtue of being born on this planet we should have had the right to feel safe. Unfortunately, the reality these days is in a stark contrast to what should have been.

Everyday of being alive has become a fight, a struggle, a life of caution. Is that a deal women have to make to survive? Or is it just a fear in disguise?

Deep down in our hearts we condemn the unfortunate state of affairs and feel sorry for the girl who recently lost her pride in a taxi.

Who in the world can justify the slamming the taxi service and banning it? How can it be compared to her pain and trauma? A taxi is not the only place that has left a woman traumatised in the past. All of us have been abused, touched, molested or raped, even by lecherous eyes; and yet we move on and continue with our lives.

The amount of anger and anguish that brews up in the soul could blow up the skies. It needs to be voiced that banning vehicles will not solve the problem. People need to be taught how to behave with women. A woman who gives the MAN his life.

The leaders' enunciation of these incidents and the sorrow they cause can go on forever. But, may I ask when will it be the appropriate time to speak up, scream, or do whatever it takes to stop these assaults, burn them down to ashes?

I assure each one will come forth, all it needs is a genuine effort from all of us together - as a fist.

Moral awareness and inclination towards education will impart the needed knowledge and might stop men from committing such heinous crimes. This is an ideal solution which needs a more comprehensive support of all the stakeholders of the society and the world.

Women being the irreplaceable part of human society is also the mother of mankind.

Despite holding the unambiguous pivotal role in many cultures, the role of women has been defined by the male gender over the millennia.

Even today in the 21st century, no role is ever complete without the woman being a part of it.

Why just a 'role'? A woman gives birth to a man, She is the source!

However, the battle of the sexes began when the man took the role of earning the bread and woman took the natural role of the nurturer. Women are inherently strong and in this cosmic recital of life, both the genders are at par and are partners to keep the equilibrium going. The abuse and disruption in the equilibrium has landed the world in chaos.

I, being a female by virtue, release my unwavering thought into the divine universe that the coming time will be of the woman. If it seems unbelievable now, it might not in the near future.

Let us not drive the country into a metaphorical block named “Unfortunate to live in”. Let us co-exist and dance the cosmic dance again.

“Women are equal to men”

We cannot be curbed down by being driven to tears or by being beaten up to lose our femininity. We will only grow stronger, louder and bolder.

Hoping for a flourishing and nourishing environment to breathe in.


'A Woman'