Wondering what FB is?

Updated: Aug 02, 2011, 15:57 PM IST

For someone who is an introvert and a loner of sorts, friends come in as angels to make life blissful. Times will change for sure but what will remain constant for another 69860000 million years is the special bond between friends. <br/><br/>And thanks to FB…I mean Facebook for helping people re-connect with long lost friends. The letters FB occupy a very special place in my heart for it also means FRIENDS and BONDING to me.<br/><br/>I feel so proud of myself for deriving such a beautiful full form for FB…I think I must fix up an appointment with Mark and suggest him to change FACEBOOK to FRIENDS & BONDING….wondering who Mark is? Mark Zuckerburg is the brain behind such a genius networking website <i>yaar</i>…<br/><br/>There’s none to laugh at my poor joke…let me keep it to myself…<br/><br/>Jokes apart, with the help of FB, I have been able to virtually bridge the geographical distances between me and my friends, who are spread across the globe. I feel like thanking Mark a zillion times for creating such an incredible platform that helps people catch-up with old pals and even make new ones. What a genius he is!<br/><br/>A lot of controversies do surround Facebook for its credibility and its influence on people at large…and many have become FB addicts. Moreover, there are many, who refrain from getting hooked to social networking sites fearing they would becomes addicts.<br/><br/>However, I would beg to differ. In a way yes FACEBOOK has influenced regular users great deal and we tend to spend most of our times clinging onto our accounts to update the latest on our personal and even professional front. But that holds true for any other habit that becomes a part of our lifestyle. It is entirely up to us to ensure we don’t go overboard! Isn’t it?<br/><br/>I have least complaints about FACEBOOK and I believe it’s nothing less a boon to people who have friends far and wide; it is faster, easier and undeniably one of the cheapest mediums of constant communication. Of course, nothing brings bigger happiness than catching up with pals in person. But considering a busy schedule and the helpless physical separation one can do little but succumb to the inevitable. In such a scenario FB comes in handy. <br/><br/>Now let me shift the focus to friends…guess I have said too much about Facebook…does that show how addicted I am to FB…No…..Not all…May be!<br/><br/>I don’t feel the need to celebrate friendship on the day that is solely dedicated to them and which falls on the first Sunday in the month of August. Friends are forever and eternal. What is more important than tying a friendship band and buying goodies for friends is that one needs to keep up the special bond through thick and thin. So to flood `Happy Friendship Day` messages on your friend’s FACEBOOK wall seems like a dud idea! Oh no…Not again…FB again finds a mention here….<br/><br/>Back to friends….there is this friend of mine who keeps posting weird status messages- “My tummy feels sick…something is cooking inside it….Have been visiting the loo regularly since morning…”. On reading his message I get to know he needs to visit a doc for sure….There is another crazy friend who keeps posting his “love at first sight” messages… he might have posted 59478573 thousand times earlier. And like always I know he has yet again fallen in love…only to fall in love once again the next day!<br/><br/>Recently, I viewed pictures of my school friend’s baby and those made me wonder and realize how old I have turned! But I was happy to see my darling friend put on oodles of weight, yet looking as pretty as ever before. I could even feel her baby in my arms. Oh what a wonderful feeling it was.<br/><br/>It has been months I have moved out of my city…yet I have traveled far and wide…and even to the UK…there is where another friend of mine stays…and I could see myself virtually traveling to the English countryside after seeing pictures posted by him on FB….<br/><br/>Virtual phones calls and traveling is cheaper, isn’t it…at least they don’t burn a hole in your pocket! That is one of the reasons why I love FB….FB literally helps me save money that seldom manages to come to my hands…it hardly does…<br/><br/>Whatever…if you think despite I having said I am not going to talk about FACEBOOK…I ended up discussing it….I think I owe a lot to it for it has given me a wider horizon to get instantly connected to my friends who are very special. But one question that I need to ask myself is whether I am really a FB addict?…I guess I am…and I don’t mind being one…as long as I am able to be in constant touch with my buddies….and btw are you too a FB crazy person like me? Let me clarify- here by FB I meant FRIENDS & BONDING!<br/><br/>What did you think?

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