8 fun facts of New Year

Without more ado, let's start with the fun facts of New Year which can make your jaws drop!

  • According to statisticbrain.com only 8% people follow their new year resolutions through out the year.
  • Longplayer is a song which is being played from midnight of 31st of December 1999 and will keep on playing until the last day of 2999.
  • Statistics of National Insurance Crime Bureau says that more vehicles are stolen on New Year's eve than on any other day.
  • Ethiopia has 13 months in it's calender which celebrates new year on September 11 and is currently in 2009.
  • The largest firework in the world is displayed by Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • The tradition to make New Year resolutions has come from Babylonians (94 Kms south west from Baghdad) which was the most famous city from ancient Mesopotamia.
  • Fireworks also noise making in a way has been adopted from ancient time when noise and fire was used to banish evil and bring good luck.
  • Germany, France, Italy and Austria has named New Year's Eve as “Silvester” to honour Pope Sylvester I as he died on December 31st.