Hillary Vs Trump: What's in store for the world

The Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump war has been a story of no holds barred bare-fisted fight – taking punches on the chin and giving it back on the groin.

Updated: Nov 08, 2016, 12:23 PM IST

The Americans have a tough task at hand – whether to choose the one who is an 'insider' of Washington's power circuit, or the other, a blatant 'outsider'.

The Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump war has been a story of no holds barred bare-fisted fight – taking punches on the chin and giving it back on the groin.

While citizens of the mighty United States of America have the power of their vote to pick between the two, the world at large too has a stake in the battle.

From seeing the dragon in the eye in the South China Sea to engaging in a wrestle with Judo champ Vladimir Putin to 'interventions' in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere – the US has its hands in every pie and that's why the world is awaiting the dawn of a new era in the White House.

Here's a look at what's the position of major world powers on the choice between Hillary and Trump.


The Chinese had an uncomfortable relationship with Barack Obama – reflected last month when the US President was denied a red carpet on arrival for the G20 summit in Hnagzhou.

Hence, it came as no surprise when a recent opinion poll by South China Morning Post suggested that Chinese believe both Hillary and Trump would be better than Obama!

In reality, the Communists bosses in Beijing would be delighted to see the famed US democratic system depicted in a poor light.

The Chinese intention, if taken on face value, may infer that they would prefer Hillary – despite her vocal stand on rights issues. But Beijing may very well be wanting a Trump win.

Why? Experts argue that a Trump win – and the resultant chaos in US' foreign policy – will take China one step closer to realisation of their dream to emerge as the world's biggest super power.

However, if Trump as president, were to hold on his views - like accusing China of raping the US – the calculations would be more of a game of Chinese Checkers rather than a game of Chess, as hoped by the Communists.


The Russians are more forthright, they want to see Donald Trump in the White House. Period.

But what's the story behind Vladimir Putin's open declaration of support for the maverick from New York?

The answer lies in the geo-political fault lines between the United States and Russia. From South Ossetia to Crimea and Ukraine, Kremlin has stretched his influence in the backyard much to the chagrin of the Pentagon, leading to the strengthening of the long-held frosty positions of mistrust.

Donald Trump is a non-conformist and he may go either way with Russia. A 50% chance of turning a new page makes him enticing enough for Putin.

The Other Americans

While all global capitals speculate on November 8 poll verdict, US' immediate neighbours don't have the luxury of watching the show unfold from across the seas. Trump or Hillary is a question just across the border, or in case of Mexico, one 'of the border'.

Without mincing words, Trump has declared that he plans to build a wall along the border with Mexico, and even make Mexico pay for it.

The Republican candidate has gone to the extent of calling Latino immigrants rapists and criminals and vowed to deport illegal immigrants.

No wonder, a recent poll has predicted that Latinos are overwhelmingly supporting Hillary Clinton.

For Canada, which shares an open border with USA, Hillary Vs Trump is more of trade and monetary policies issue.

Canada situation is similar to that of a free rider – it spends very less on defence and depends on the US – who wants to play safe but want's no meddling with its honour.

Trump may want to change the status quo.

Middle East

As with rest of the world, the Sheikhs too would like to deal with known Hillary than unknown Trump.

With Iran, the choice is tougher despite the fact that Hillary played a key role, as secretary of state, to bring Iran back to the negotiation table.

But in 2008, Clinton had a different view. She had said that if elected president, she would order an attack on Iran if the Islamic republic targeted Israel.

For Israel, anything will be better than the uncomfortable equation shared by Obama and Netanyahu.

And the Arabs know they have the most to lose, irrespective of who comes to power, in the war of attrition being played out with the ISIS in the Iraq-Syria theatre.

Europe with UK

The choice is clear in London – Hillary Clinton. Other than the long standing ties Hillary has with the UK, the Britons feel that Hillary will be best suited to engage with the Europe, from a position of strength, on the Brexit issue.

Europe is also favouring Hillary for the same reason albeit from the other side of the debate. The only exception has been the right-wing government in Hungary.

And what about a Trump win? - That's not an option! Feels Europe.

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