Why it's awesomely okay to be a Bigg Boss fan in this 'real' world

Updated: Nov 08, 2017, 17:38 PM IST

They say the reel world derives inspiration from the real and rightly so. Films, television shows, plays or any such platform which serves as a window to seek entertainment derives heavily from the reality outside.

It's been some 11 odd years since the reality show Bigg Boss first aired on television. Based on international celebrity show Big Brother, our desi version has found itself marred in controversies from day 1.

With so many years down the line, the show has managed to create its own audience bank which dedicatedly watches and waits for the fresh season year-after-year. And yes I am one of them (rolls eyes)!

Just like cinema, your choice of entertainment can be subjective and it is perfectly alright. Bigg Boss, might not be your cup of tea and no one will judge you but the moment someone admits to liking the show, it calls for a massive bashing (read loud and public).

The verbal diarrhoea begins with just how crass and cringe-worthy the contestants are and 'why do they fight all the time' topping the perennial question list. So, I, at such a moment, take a deep breath and decide to satiate their unnerving queries with a simple logic that you see humans behaving as per their temperaments.

You can't expect them to be Buddha, for god's sake! If their being loud mouths is cracking you up, then you probably haven't met many in your 'real' lives ( at least I have seen a dozen more weirdos, trust me). Their actions, whether scripted or not remains hugely debatable—speak for how humans behave with each other when locked in a house full of strangers for three months.

Now, imagine you being in their spot. It's really interesting to think about it that ways. How would I behave had I been at Shilpa Shinde's place or even Hina Khan may be (by the way, these are two popular contestants inside the house this season).

And then there are those who like the show but will not accept it in public just because 'we will be judged' for our preferences. Like, really? It's not cool to bully others for their choice of interests but sadly society works in a dysfunctional way where you will be singled out for treading on a different path.

It's easy to judge others but when the tables are turned, it becomes a game of perspective. You may or may not like Bigg Boss as a concept and that's your preference but people like me, who are self-proclaimed fans of the show will never cease to catch it on the small screen just because someone thinks 'it's not worth a watch'.

P.S: There's always a remote that comes handy in case you feel 'reality' on the reel is too hard to digest!


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