Would love to do a female superhero film: Kajol

Kajol said she was always familiar with the world of 'Incredibles'.

Would love to do a female superhero film: Kajol

Mumbai: Actor Kajol says it is high time India produced its own female superhero films and she would like to headline one.

Kajol, who has dubbed for the character of superhero Helen Parr aka Elastigirl for the Hindi version of upcoming film, "Incredibles 2" that releases on June 22, feels it will be cool to play such a character in Bollywood film as she herself is a fan of the genre.

When asked if it's high time the country had its own female superhero, Kajol told PTI, "I do. I definitely think that it'll be too cool. I would love to play a superhero. But the thing is, I don't know what would be my superpower... There's just too much to choose from!"

"Incredibles 2" is sequel to the 2004 "The Incredibles" and is written and directed by Brad Bird, who also wrote and directed the first film. 

Kajol said she was always familiar with the world of "Incredibles", courtesy her animated and superhero films viewing sessions with her seven-year-old son, Yug. 

"I am very familiar with the world of animated movies because I also like animated movies. Since I've had kids, I've watched more animated films than movies with real characters in them, barring mine. We both (Yug and I) are superhero fans, everybody is in my family. We both like all the superhero films which come out and we have to sit and watch all of them."

The 43-year-old actor said there was a time when she thought of venturing into Hollywood but eventually decided against the idea as she felt it required too much of an effort.

"It has actually (crossed my mind). I did think about it. But I think it would require too much of my time and attention away from India and I just never thought it was worth that." 

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