Zee Business: Aam Admi Ka Budget
Win a chance to be a part of the Zee Business Aam Admi panel for budget 2013. Register here to participate
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Terms & Conditions:

- You must be 18 years of age and above to participate

- You will allow Zee Business to conduct interview, shoot promos, and interview your friends and family within a notice period of 3-days in advance

- There will be no monetary compensation involved for any form of participation in the show either for you or for anyone related

- You will allow Zee Business to shoot/conduct interview at/around your office/house premises, permissions for which will have to be taken by you

- Zee Business reserves the right to terminate the agreement without prior notice; or on observing any violation of the media ethics/code of conduct

- Zee Business reserves all the Intellectual Property Rights for the show; all IPR claims will fall under the jurisdiction of Delhi Courts

- You will not give interviews/shoot for any of Zee Business's direct competitor channels

- You will have to confirm your availability for all promo shoots/interviews within time-limits set by Zee Business; any non-adherence to time-limits may result in automatic termination of this agreement

- Views expressed by you during the show will be strictly your own, Zee Business will not be responsible to any libel/defamation action initiated against you for such views

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