Ford EcoSport Vs Renault Duster: A comparison

Global auto major Ford on Wednesday launched its new compact sports utility vehicle 'EcoSport'.

Last Updated: Jun 28, 2013, 12:17 PM IST

New Delhi: Global auto major Ford on Wednesday launched its new compact sports utility vehicle 'EcoSport'.

The petrol variant of EcoSport is priced at Rs 5.59 lakh (entry level).

The model will be available with three engine options of 1 litre petrol with Ecoboost technology, 1.5 litre petrol and 1.5 litre diesel engine.

While the price of 1 litre Ecoboost petrol version start at Rs 7.90 lakh, the 1.5 litre petrol variant will be tagged at Rs 5.59 lakh.

The EcoSport with 1.5 litre diesel will have price starting at Rs 6.69 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

The company said the automatic transmission version in 1.5 litre petrol will start at Rs 8.45 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

Both Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport are strong contenders for the best compact SUV in India. Here's a comparison between the two.

Renault Duster

Ford EcoSport


All over India, costs Rs.7,69,000


All over India, costs Rs.5,71,000


Renault Duster (Petrol):

Has a 1.6 Lit engine with peak 102 BHP power and torque

Renault Duster (Diesel):

Has a 1.5 Lit in 85 BHP in 5 hSpeed and 110 BHP in 6 speed transmission.


Ford Ecosport (Petrol):

Has a 1 Lit turbocharged VCT petrol engine, delivering 118 BHP of power

Ford Ecosport (Diesel):

Has a 1.5 Lit Duratoq diesel engine with peak 90 BHP of power


Noisier than the Ford EcoSport


A little more refined than the Renault Duster. It is more city-friendly and driver-friendly.


The curvy dashboard of the Duster has a two-toned color scheme with an all black theme and beige work. It has a large boot space (475 liters), sufficient enough to accommodate luggage and ample seating room for about 5 passengers together. It does not offer any armrest to the driver, but has a rear seat armrest. The Duster’s hatch door open upwards.


The dashboard has a contemporary style with a V-shaped centre console and more features than the Duster. It has a boot space of about 346 litres and less room space when compared to Duster. Ford offers the drivers seat an armrest, but has no rear seat armrest. Its hatch door open sidewards.

Air conditioning

Manual control air conditioning.

Air Conditioning

Auto climate control air conditioning.


Fuel efficiency of approximately 20.64kmpl for its diesel model and approximately 13.24kmpl for its petrol model


Fuel efficiency of approximately 22kmpl for its diesel model and about the same for its petrol model.

Width and height:

Width: 1822 mm

Height: 1695 mm

Width and height:

Width: 1765 mm

Height: 1708 mm

Turning Radius:

5.2 metres.

Turning Radius:

5.3 metres.


Looks simple in comparison, with a chrome coated grille at the front and a massive flat bonnet.


With sporty elements and an urban look, the Ford EcoSport looks more like a premium car with a distinct modern touch.