CSE slams Jaguar and Land Rover; calls comment about its cars 'emitting air cleaner than Delhi air' irresponsible

CSE slams Jaguar and Land Rover; calls comment about its cars 'emitting air cleaner than Delhi air' irresponsible
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Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Centre for Science and Environment has taken exception to the comments of Jaguar and Land Rover Chief Ralph Ralf Speth that the air emitted by the company's cars was cleaner than the air that the cars sucked in.

Jaguar and Land Rover Chief, on Sunday had commented all our models are Euro VI compliant and these vehicles clean the air, and the air they suck in is far dirtier than which comes out of it.

CSE, in a press statement, said that car companies cannot be allowed to hide behind such misleading claims when the technology in India is lagging and there are raging concerns around toxic diesel emissions even in advanced markets today.  No car company can get away by making such remarks in any other country, said the environmental advocacy group.

The NGO wanted the car company to take back these words and support government in bringing clean diesel technology quickly, and not confuse people with what it sells in India with what it sells in Europe or in united States.

CSE further said that the car industry must not be allowed to push dieselisation when diesel emissions control systems are 10 to 15 years behind Europe and are responsible for increasing toxic particles, nitrogen oxide, ozone and risk of lung cancer.

CSE added that Land Rover chief's statement was a serious affront when judicial and executive action is focussed on reducing public health risk from diesel emissions.

The advocacy group also came out with the following recommendations that would help all the stakeholders to make the air quality better in future:

1) The diesel car industry should stop spreading misinformation around public health risk associated with diesel emissions

2) The automobile industry should leapfrog to Euro VI emissions standards quickly. Enforce in-use compliance regulations.

3) Tax all diesel cars higher based on “polluter pays” principle. Do not allow luxury segment on dirty diesel technology.