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New Delhi: Railways Minister Dinesh Trivedi, as part of his Rail Budget 2012-13, on Wednesday announced a nominal increase in passenger fares.

According to the Railway Minister, fares will go up by 2 paise per km in ordinary second class and suburban services; by 3 paise in mail/express second class; 5 paise per km in sleeper class; 10 paise per km in AC 3-tier, AC chair car, and non-AC First Class; 15 paise per km in AC two-tier; and 30 paise per km in AC first class.

Also, minimum fare and platform tickets would now cost Rs 5.

This is the first hike in passenger fares in 10 years.

Trivedi also announced 75 new Express trains, 21 passenger trains, besides 75 new services in Mumbai suburban rail network, 50 new services in Kolkata suburban rail network and 15 in Chennai suburban rail network.

In his Rail Budget speech, the minister spelt out five priority areas for the Railways over the 12th Five Year Plan.

Trivedi emphasized that safety and modernisation will be the prime focus and that Railways would try to stop unfortunate occurrences in the future.

"My focus will be safe safety, safety, safety," Trivedi said, adding he had taken over the ministry last year in the backdrop of a rail accident in Uttar Pradesh.

"I vow to target zero deaths," he said in his maiden rail budget speech. "I also propose to set up an independent railway safety authority, as recommended by an expert group headed by the former Atomic Energy Commission chairman Anil Kakodkar."

Apart from safety, the other four focus areas include consolidation, de-congestion and capacity augmentation, modernisation and bringing down operating ratio.

Trivedi said the Railways will invest Rs 7.35 lakh crore during the 12th Five Year Plan period (2012-17), against Rs 1.92 lakh crore in the current one. By then, it will double

its contribution to India's gross domestic product to 2 percent.

He further said that as part of modernisation exercise, Railway stations will be developed on the lines of airports.

Rail Budget Highlights

Fares and Freight:

  • Fares up by 2 paise per km in ordinary second class and suburban services

  • Fares increased by 3 paise per km in mail/express second class

  • Hike in fares by 5 paise per km in sleeper class

  • 10 paise per km hike in AC 3-tier, AC chair car, and non-AC First Class

  • 15 paise per km hike in AC two-tier; and 30 paise per km in AC first class

  • Platform tickets to cost Rs 5

  • 50% concession in fares in AC-2, AC-3, Chair Car & Sleeper Class to patients suffering from ‘Aplastic Anaemia’ and ‘Sickle Cell Anaemia’

  • All Arjuna awardees to get free travel in Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express

  • Izzat scheme – Rs 25 rail pass - travel distance increased from 100 km to 150 km

  • Independent Tariff Regulative Authority for freight and fare proposed, to be debated

Passenger Amenities

  • Introduction of regional cuisine at affordable rates; launching of Book-a-Meal scheme to provide multiple choice of meals through SMS or email

  • SMS on passenger’s mobile phone in case of e-ticket booking to be accepted as proof of valid reservation

  • Introduction of satellite based real time train information system (SIMRAN) to provide train running information to passengers through SMS, internet, etc

  • On board passenger displays indicating next halt station and expected arrival time to be introduced

  • Installation of 321 escalators at important stations of which 50 will be commissioned in 2012-13

  • Setting up of AC executive lounges at important stations

  • Specially designed coaches for differently-abled persons to be provided in each Mail/Express trains and efforts to improve access to platform for such persons

  • RPF helpine to be integrated with other helplines

  • More mechanized laundries

  • Hygiene standards to be improved

  • Specialized housekeeping body to take care of stations and trains

  • Alternate train accommodation system to accommodate wait-listed passengers in alternate trains

New Trains

  • To introduce 75 new Express trains

  • To introduce 21 new passenger services

  • To extend run of 39 trains

  • Frequency of 23 trains to be increased

  • Two double-decker AC trains: Chennai to Bangalore, Habibganj to Indore

  • One new Shatabdi Express on Howrah-New Jalpaiguri route

  • 9 new DEMU trains

  • 8 new MEMU trains

Click here for more information on list of new trainsBudget 2012

Suburban Trains

  • Carrying capacity to be increased by 35% in Mumbai suburban rail network

  • Elevated suburban trains in Mumbai

  • 75 new services proposed in Mumbai

  • 50 new trains in Kolkata Metro

  • Kolkata Metro project is on track

  • New suburban project in Chennai also progressing well

  • Stations to be modernized like airports

  • Faster corridor on Virar-Panvel section

  • 12 car rakes on Harbour line

  • Premium AC suburban rail service

  • New corridor to be taken up this year between Delhi-Jaipur-Ajmer-Jodhpur

  • Kerala govt keen on high-speed corridor between Thiruvanathapuram-Kasargod

  • Guru Parikrama trains – to connect Amritsar, Patna and Nanded


  • Rail safety plan for Rs 16842 cr

  • Focus of rail budget – safety, consolidation, decongestion, increase in capacity

  • Eliminate all unmanned level crossings in five years

  • Independent rail safety authority to be set up

  • Safety standards cannot be achieved without modernization

  • Safety target of last Rail Budget has been met

  • Kasturirangan suggested Dr Anil Kakodkar’s name to head high speed safety committee

  • Committee submitted report on Feb 17, 2012 – suggested far reaching safety measures

  • Modernisation and Safety - two sides of the same coin

  • Railway Safety Funds of Rs 16,000 crore approx

  • Target should be zero death

  • Entire emphasis on safety, safety and safety

  • Safety has to be bench-marked with modern rail systems in the world

  • Not satisfied with safety standards

  • Railway family machining effort to enhance safety

  • Accident rate reduced from 0.55 per million train km to 0.17

  • To set up integrated security systems at 202 stations by FY 13

  • All trains to have satellite tracking systems in 18 months

Staff and recruitment

  • Three new training centres at Banaglore, Kahargpur and Lucknow

  • Development of major stations to create 50,000 jobs

  • Large number of vacancies in Indian Railways

  • To hire over 100,000 employees in FY 13

  • Global tender for catering service

  • To start wellness scheme for better health of employees

  • Told National Institute of Design to design uniform for staff

  • Initiated revamp in accounting system, to shift to accrual-based accounting system


  • Railway Design Centre at NID campus, Ahmedabad

  • Upgradation of 929 stations as Adarsh stations including 84 stations proposed in 2012-13; 490 stations have been completed so far

  • Plan to set up rail coach factory in Kerala

  • Wagon factory to be set up in at Sitapally in Orissa

  • Rae Bareli coach factory phase II to be commissioned in FY 13

  • 17 gauge conversion projects to be completed in FY 13

  • Coach maintenance factory to be set up at Navi Mumbai

  • Conversion of D/C to A/C completed in Western Railway section in Mumbai

  • 1500 EMU coaches added, upped carrying capacity by 35% in Mumbai

  • Asked Mumbai rail for pilot plan for commercial development

  • All tracks to be made broad gauge by the end of 12th Plan

  • New coach factory at Kutch in Gujarat and Kolar in Karnataka

  • Gave Rs 1388 crore to improve facilitates at rail offices

  • Allocation of 1950 crores in FY 13 for gauge conversion

  • 825 km gauge conversion to be completed in FY 12

  • Aim to convert most meter gauge lines by FY 17

  • New diesel locomotive production plant in Vidisha in MP

  • New unit at Dankuni to augment the Chhitaranjan Locomotive Works

  • Two new lines for gauge conversion

  • Unigauge policy adopted in 1992

  • 700 km rail lines would be doubled

  • To facilitate running of heavier, longer freight trains

  • Rs 828 cr for electrification

  • 10 new sections for electrification

  • Central Railway section to be completed this year

  • Rs 3390 cr has been allocated for the same

  • Focus areas: tracks, bridges, rolling stock, freight terminals

  • Rail Road Grade Separation Corporation of India set up

  • New expert group under Sam Pitroda on modernisation has submitted report

  • Rs 5.76 lakh crore needed for modernisation as per the expert group

  • Mission directors will be appointed for modernisation

  • Functions to be worked out on international line

  • Rail Research and Development Council

  • Need to connect remote and backward areas

  • Projects of national importance in Northeast and Kashmir

  • Pradhan Mantri Rail Vikas Yojna (PMRY) under formulation

  • More LHB coaches to be introduced

  • New electric locos of 9000 horse power

  • Diesel engines of 5500 horse power

  • New auto car wagons

  • Indian Railways Stations Redevelopment Corporation set up

  • Indian Railways Stations Redevelopment Corporation will be cost neutral

  • 100 stations to be modernised in the next five years


  • Aim 102.5 bn tonne freight traffic in FY 13

  • FY 13 freight earnings seen Rs 89,339 crores

  • See 1025 mn tonne freight traffic in FY 12, up 55 mn tonnes Vs aim

  • Hope govt will up budgetary support in years to come

  • FY 13 passenger earnings seem at Rs 36,100 crore

  • FY 13 freight earnings seen up 30.2% Vs FY 12

  • Aim gross traffic receipt of Rs 1.32 lakh crore in FY 13

  • Rail market borrowings at Rs 5 lakh crores

  • Rs 6872 crore allocated for 85 new line projects

  • Rs 6467 crores to be spent on track modernization

  • Rs 39,100 crores to be spent on signal modernization

  • FY 13 ordinary expenses seen at Rs 84,400 crore

  • Rs 45,000 crore budgetary support in FY 13 Vs 24,000 crore given

  • Rs 18100 in rolling stock in FY 13

  • Rs 1.7 lakh crore in rolling stock in next 5 years

  • FY 13 appropriation to pension fund seen at Rs 18500 crore

  • Will invest Rs 3.5 lakh crore

  • FY 13 dividend liability seen at Rs 6676 crore

  • To repay Rs 3000 crore loan with interest to Finance Ministry in FY 13

  • See 1025 mn tonne freight traffic in FY 13

  • Aim operating ratio of less than 80% by end of 12th plan

  • 50% concession to patients of certain diseases

  • Value of travel concession granted over Rs 800 crore per year

  • Railway input cost rising

  • Heavy cross subsidy model not sustainable in long term

  • Gross budgetary support from govt not adequate

  • FY 13 rail market borrowing via IRFC Rs 500 billion

  • 12th plan investment has been pegged at Rs 7.35 lakh crore as against the current Rs 1.92 lakh crore

  • Railways must attract Rs 2.50 lakh crore out of the govt’s spending on infrastructure

  • Additional fund of Rs 5 lakh crore required under PMRY

  • Railways should get at 10% of infra spend of govt

  • Rs 14 lakh crore needed in next 10 years

  • Internal resources of Railways pegged at Rs 1.9 lakh crore

  • Total cost of signalling and communication Rs 39,110 cr in next five years

  • Rs 60100 crore planned investment in 2012-13

  • Allocation of over 6000 cr under new line plan

  • Not defaulted on dividend payment despite financial crunch

  • Cut FY 12 dividend to 5% Vs 6%

  • FY 12 operating ratio seen at 95% vs 91% target

  • FY dividend liability Rs 5652 crore

  • Finance Ministry extended Rs 3000 crore loan


  • 11 kilometres of tunnelling completed through Pir Panjal Range in Kashmir

  • Must hasten development of rail lines to underdeveloped areas

  • Logistics Corp planned to offer total logistics solutions

  • Development of major stations to create 50,000 jobs

  • To develop 100 stations via PPP route in next 5 years

  • 160km/hr to be standard speed for trains

  • Will lead to reduced travel time

  • Delhi to Kolkata travel time will be reduced from 17 hours to 14 hours

  • Propose to undertake 114 new line survey in FY 13

  • Urge state governments to grant free land for new line projects

  • 10 Rail Khel Ratna awards for sportspersons; winners to be given intensive training

  • To equip 2500 coaches with bio-toilets

  • Green toilets in more trains

  • Welfare program for rail employees

  • Propose e-procurement, e-auction of all scrap

  • To modernize production units with modern technology

  • To induct 2 new board members for safety , PPP marketing

  • 17 projects have been sanctioned under PPP mode

  • To rely on PPP route significantly in 12th 5 yr plan

  • To start pilot project for Mumbai rail commercialization

  • Indian Railways will become a powerful engine of growth

  • Himalayan task of running Indian Railways safely

  • Aiming for generational change in Indian Railways

  • 487 rail projects pending, need funds

  • Want to contribute 2-3% to GDP instead of current 1%

  • 487 gauge expansion projects in stages of implementation

  • I have received 5,741 requests

  • 476 requests for new lines, doubling of tracks

  • To allocate Rs 3393 crore for doubling of lines in FY 13

  • 646 requests for new trains

  • Need sustainable financial model

  • Plan out lay for 2012-13 Rs 60,100 cr

  • 80% traffic being carried in 40% of rail network

  • Progressive use of 60 kg rails

  • Modernisation of 19,000 kilometres in next five years

  • More funds for bridges

  • 19,000 kilometres represents 80% of traffic

  • Singalling will be modernised

  • Panel routes, interlocking to be introduced in more routes

  • Automatic breaking systems to be introduced in more than 3400 kilometres

  • 19000 km of track to be upgraded

  • Operating ratios of 74% in 2016-17

  • Rail connectivity scheme to foster growth

  • Most of new rail line projects cannot be completed without viable funding mechanism

  • Need policy pronouncements and roadmap to achieve the goals

  • Serious need for funds as running costs high

  • Coaching terminal at the birth place of Bankim Chandra Chhattopadhya

  • Rs 4410 crore for capacity augmentation works

  • Operating ratio 95% as of now

  • Aim to cut operating ratio to 84.9% in 2012-13 and 74% by 2016-17

  • Rs 6400 crore to be spent on track modernization

  • 725 km completed in current year

  • 45 new works to be completed in 2012-13

  • 85 lines surveys completed

  • Where surveys have been competed it has been refereed to Planning Commission

  • All the 11 new projects recommended by the Planning Commission have been included

  • MMTC phase 1 has been commissioned in Hyderabad and Secunderabad

  • Railways playing significant role in socio-economic development

  • Indian Railways has strong case for putting dividend back into the system

  • 31 projects are being executed with assistance from the states

  • Rail connectivity form Pitampuram to Kakinada for oil sector

  • Dedicated freight corridor projects under execution

  • Finding assistance from World Bank and Japan has been tied up

  • Rail wheel plant has started to produce wheels

  • To buy locomotives of 9000-12000 horsepower

  • To introduce wagons with 25 tonne axle load

  • Propose 114 new line survey in FY 13

  • Agartala to be connected with Akhura in Bangladesh

  • Plan project to boost Agartala-Bangladesh connectivity

  • Indian Railways has more than 8000 stations

  • Automatic train running system to be introduced on all trains in the next 18 months

  • Allocation of Rs 828 crore for electrification in FY 13

  • Aim to electrify 6500 kms of rail lines during 2012-17

  • Expected doubling of 750 kms of lines to be completed in FY 12

  • To complete electrification of 1100 km lines in FY 13

  • Aim to run high speed rail with speed between 200 to 350 kmph

  • Prefeasibility studies in 6 corridors already taken up

  • Ail to modernize 19000 kms of tracks in 5 years

  • Time has come to think of National policy for Railways

  • 6500 hectares for dedicated freight corridor

  • To allot 1112 crore for passenger amenities in FY 13

  • To upgrade 929 stations in FY 13

  • Proposal for alternative train accommodation

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hm unemployeement ke lie kuch khas nhi h b
javed alam - siwan
budget is good but Catering Services and Security is neglected by ministry please look in to that better for public.
Krishnappa M - Yedarur Srinivasapur (T) Kolar (D)
Once again no train on the route of jalor & bhinmal....what a disappointing budget no trains on the jalore -bhinmal jodhpur section even after 3 years of completion of broadgauge wht a pity
jugraj - bangalore-jalore
when will jabalpur singrauli intercity express start running...
Shilpi Shastri - Jabalpur
budget is good. but it shud be work correctly.God bless everybody.
kamini - delhi
budget is good but Catering Services and Security is neglected by ministry
kanuru - chennai
budget is good but Catering Services and Security is neglected by ministry
venkat - Chennai
train speed must be increased, reservation system must be more effective, more coch should be add, meals should be hygenic & less costly, clean train more train for northeast(assam), train should be their from morning to night at least 8 o`clock (passengers)
jamshed - assam
excellant budget. we NRI in foreign countries cannot book tatka tickets due to lack of facility of mobile numbrws of india. we cannot register ourselves for e-booking on irtc. we should be allowed to give our e-mail id..also plateform ticket price should go to RS 50 so that rush at the plateform is reduced to minimum
Sir ji Namaskar, Trivedi ji ne best budget proveded by you in this situation
S P Upadhyay - Pune
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