Rail Budget 2013: Bansal’s family gives 10/10 for Budget


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Rail Budget 2013: Bansal’s family gives 10/10 for Budget

Last Updated: Tuesday, February 26, 2013, 18:50
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New Delhi: Speaking exclusively to Zeenews after the unveiling of the Railway Budget 2013, Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal’s family exclaimed in unison that they give a 10/10 for this year’s Budget.

Rail Budget 2013: Between the lines for Aam Aadmi

After his Budget speech, Bansal stated that he is not apologetic about the Budget because this was the best he could present in the current situation.

Coming to the rescue of Bansal, his family unanimously supported the minister’s budget and the slew of measures adopted by the Railways for the current year.

Madhu Bansal, wife of the Railway Minister, spoke to Zeenews and defended the latter’s decision to increase surcharge on ticket reservation and freight fares. She also stated that such an increase has not been done since five year.

She completely supported the new changes that are to be implemented by the Railways and added that whatever has been stated today will be put to effect.

Speaking on women’s safety, the minister’s better half said that, "I generally travel between Chandigarh and Delhi and find the journey safe. I feel the railways should have a women helpline so that female passengers can lodge a complaint in case of any problem".

Other members of the family also approved of the Budget and the changes it entails.

Amit Bansal, son of the railway minister, claimed that whatever the people have intended and want, it will be taken care of and provided to them.

On the question of services and amenities, P K Bansal’s other son Manish Bansal affirmed that there is a financial constraint in the Railways but the measures have been kept in mind according to what people want and the prevailing economic situation of the country.

When asked about the ineffective implementation of rules, regulations and services, Manish Bansal said that, “the Rail Budget does not promise to make castles in the air. But it will give you the picture of the ground reality and what is essentially required and needed.” He also stated that steady execution of all the new provisions in the budget will take time.

He rated the Budget in the positive and declared that not only us, “but also the nation and its people will give his father 100/100 for his Rail Budget.

Sayana Bansal, daughter-in-law of PK Bansal, also spoke about women’s safety and said that it is prime. She also said that the introduction of RPF coach for women is a welcomed step.

“From the moment you make reservation for the journey till the time the destination is reached, you look forward to a safe and comfortable journey. The women’s helpline will effective and come in handy.

In his 75-minute speech which was drowned in opposition slogan-shouting towards the end, Bansal said there are a number of supplementary charges which have not been revised for last several years.

Supplementary charges for super fast trains, reservation fee, clerkage charge, cancellation charge and tatkal charge was marginally increased in the Budget announcement.

Along with indirect increase in ticket prices, freight tariff is set to go up by 5 percent due to the fuel adjustment component charge, effective from April 1. Freight charges may vary from four paisa to eight paisa per kg, the minister told the media.

The first Congress minister to present a Railway Budget in 17 years, Bansal adopted Fuel Adjustment Component, introduced by former Trinamool Minister Dinesh Trivedi, which will be dynamic in nature and change in either direction with revision in fuel cost twice a year.

First Published: Tuesday, February 26, 2013, 17:38


in this budget increase the price poor nd middle person can`t afford-sonu -bhiwani
railway budget is bad bcoz railway budget is complate increase high pricepoor nd middle person can`t afford-sonu -bhiwani
there is a saying in hindi, ``apna kapoot hamesha hi sapoot dikhta hai`` so is mr bansal for his family-raman -toronto
human nature is such that we are never satisfied we have to criticise for the sake of criticisim it was very good budgetcan anybody say what was the deficiancy except north south east west benefits-rkshah -toronto
MrBansal`s family will be travel in free with VVIP passes,they don`t know how it could be effected on Aam janta-bipin singh -bihar
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