Will Budget help to contain price rise?
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Will Budget help to contain price rise?

Updated on Thursday, February 17, 2011, 15:49 Print Email
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Inflation is spiraling and affecting the common man’s budget and savings. Wholesale food prices jumped 15.7 percent in January compared with 13.6 percent in December, fuelling fears that food inflation is leading to sustained price rises in other sectors of the USD 1.3 trillion economy.

Global food prices are also at a record high, prompting a stark warning by the World Bank chief that prices had reached "dangerous levels". World Bank data showed that high prices of food, mainly wheat, maize, sugars and edible oils, have pushed 44 million more people in developing countries into extreme poverty since June 2010.

In commitment towards controlling high double digit food inflation, Pranab Mukherjee may as well unleash some crucial measures in this Budget including opening up of more procurement and distribution centers for food grains, promoting greater investment in agri infrastructure and increased expenditure on irrigation in a bid to enhance overall farm sector productivity.

What is your say? Will budgetary measures finally bell the cat.

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subhasankar rout - bhadrak
this budget will help only our corrupt politicians
Amiya - Assam
Inflation and black money are burning reality and centre should take some concrete decisions.No concret Steps for cheaper home loan especiallty for economically weak society.
Dilip Mukerjee - Gurgaon
About the union budget we can`t be sure but one thing for sure about the railway budget. West Bengal can really hope for bettter avenues. Mamata di will surely have the best thing for WB.
Gagan Kundu - Malda
There is a need of balance in between inflation, growth and fiscal consolidation.
arman - delhi
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H.C. Mishra - New Delhi
I don`t thank that govt is able to take hard stap to control inflation because as PM said there is coalition compulsion.
Biran jha - Jhanpur
raise the fdi cap on retail chain as a means to control inflation
cooldude - Noida
I agree with Ranjan. Budgets are really taking a huge toll on us. Every time we have a budget there is so many things that pile up on our pocket. Budget really disorders our budget.
Radhika Sinha - Ahmedabad
the fuel prices are causing the rise in food prices.
faiz - New Delhi
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