Railway Budget 2011: Common man`s reaction
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Railway Budget 2011: Common man`s reaction

Updated on Monday, February 28, 2011, 15:49 Print Email
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New Delhi: Railways Minister Mamata Banerjee said there would be no increase in passenger fares in the coming financial year, in her third annual budget for state-run Indian Railways to parliament on Friday.

Here are some reactions of the general public at the New Delhi railway station.

AMITESH SAINI, Physically challenged - Even the existing facilities for handicapped people are not sufficient and to a large extent wheelchairs or fixed reserved seats are not available even in big trains.

NIRMALA PANDEY - Railways police staff and hospitality staff in India on sleeper-class trains are not good

ANKUR SRIVASTAV, 38 - I am a frequent traveller to cities in north-eastern states but I always find difficulties in booking tickets because the coaches are very few and the trains are run less frequently. This budget has not mentioned this

BHARGAV, 37 - Fare reduction would have been welcome, especially in AC 2-tier, 3-tier long train journeys

S P GUPTA, doctor - My wife and I keep travelling to Beas and Amritsar to pay religious homage and this sort of concession to senior citizens is definitely going to give us extra savings and more journeys

PRAMATHESH GOSWAMI, from Assam - There are very few trains taking less than 48 hours or 2 days to go to northeastern cities. Paying rupees 1,800 for AC 3-tier journey even in Rajdhani Express is not a good idea.

NITIN BHANDARKAR, 38, Management Consultant - These three express trains are only going to be welcome if they allow journeys to big metropolitan and distant cities including industrial towns of south India

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