Rail Budget 2010: List of new trains
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Rail Budget 2010: List of new trains

Updated on Wednesday, February 24, 2010, 14:43 Print Email
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Zeebiz Bureau

New Delhi: Keeping up to the populist mantra, Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday announced the introduction of 10 new Duranto Express trains besides new series of trains to be called the Karmabhoomi, Janmabhoomi trains.

Some of the new Duranto trains would connect the following cities:





Karmabhoomi trains to be introduced for migrant labour

Karmabhoomi Exp trains:

Dharbhanga –Mumbai


New Jailpaguri-Amritsar

New Janmabhoomi Exp between Ahmedabad and Udhampur

Bharat Tirth trains

These new set of trains will provide connectivity to important pilgrim routes from important cities. They will have a circular route - start and end at the same station.

Some of the new trains

Sulatanpur-Mumbai Exp

Sulatanpur-Ajmer Exp

Asansol-Digha Exp

Howrah-Puducherry Exp

Kolkata-Ajmer Exp

Kolkata-Anandpur Sahib Exp

Pune-Haridwar Exp

Rajgir-Howrah Exp

Nagercoil-Bangalore Exp

Bhubnaeswar-Bangalore Exp

Pune-Ernakulam Exp

Coimbatore-Tirupati Exp

Kolhapur-Solapur Exp

Madurai-Tirupati Exp

Sambalpur-Howrah Exp

Ahmedabad-Agra Exp

Gandhidham-Ahemdabad Exp

Gwalior-Porbandar Exp

Tata Nagar-Hatia Exp

Miraj-Pandharpur Exp
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what is new, it is like put new words in old book,can not make what is to be picked from the new wordshence no gain to aam admi except to wait for better services from the rail staff for example, senior citizen get birth on upper or middle birth and youngest one get lower birth what is the logic behind this as booking clerk simply say that he cannot help as it is done by computer railway atleast listen the requirement of elderly persons which is required
RKTandon - Ahmedabad
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