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5 Reasons behind Apple iPhone’s success

Five years ago, on 29th June, the iPhone officially went on sale.

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New Delhi: Steve Job’s dream phone completed five years on Friday. Five years ago, on 29th June, the iPhone officially went on sale.

Needless to say, ever since the iPhone hit the market, the entire Smartphone market got revolutionised. Apple has so far become a game changer. It changed the future of cell phone market as it entered the arena. Apple compelled even tech giant like Google to come up with its Andriod phone.

Five years hence, let’s take a look into five reasons as to why Apple’s iPhone has become such a rage among tech lovers.

Product’s affinity with Steve Jobs

It is widely believed that the products that Apple Inc made were first used by its founder Steve Jobs. Or in other words, Jobs was the first consumer of the Apple products. The way Apple approached any product range was different from the market practice. It was like making a product for oneself and not for others.

Friendly Product

A survey conducted by KPMG has listed Apple as the top innovator in the world. Apple surely deserves such accolades for umpteen reasons. The products that Apple made were consumer friendly. The idea was to make the products easy to use. An easy-to-use product does have the capacity to leave imprints on the minds of the users.

Customer satisfaction

This is one company which took the ‘consumer-is-king’ motto beyond the regular level. Once you buy the product, you don’t cease to remain worthy. At apple store, it is always made sure that you have a pleasant experience. They are ready to help you out with your problems. The apple stores actually mean `anytime-service`.

Apple products are high on innovation. The products not made `just for the sake of it` type. Novelty plays a key role in each product of Apple. When phrases such as ‘top innovator in the world’ are used for Apple, they actually do apply for the company.

Apple is one of the most valuable companies on Earth. The iPhone has, since its inception, given stiff competition to rivals— Samsung, Nokia, RIM, Microsoft, Dell, HP. Apple has the farsightedness to see products that will allure the future consumers.

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