Check out why this phone is selling superhot in India

This smartphone sold 70,000 Le 1s in 2 seconds on Flipkart. Check out why its drawing buyers in large numbers 

Updated: Feb 09, 2016, 14:13 PM IST
Check out why this phone is selling superhot in India

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: LeEco sold 70,000 Le 1s in 2 seconds on Flipkart and has seen more than 9,00,000 registrations on the etailer' site.

Find out why Le 1s is drawing buyers in large numbers:

1. Design - Design, metalic touch, bid screen, sleek design and beautiul edges, colour--the overall make of the phone has drawn good reviews.

2. Display - Users call the display "really impressive". As per them, 1080p display is crystal clear, viewing angles are great, colors are good with almost bezel-less screen.

3. Fingerprint sensor - Le Superphones have taken the fingerprint sensor to the next level through combining functionality, performance, and aesthetics. With the patented LeTouch technology, Le 1s boasts the world's first mirror-surfaced fingerprint recognition that enables flash recognition within just 0.15 seconds and 99.3 percent accurate identification. It also allows touch in 360 degrees to unlock the phone, with five fingerprints option available.

4. Camera - If you are a photography enthusiast and like to click lots of pictures with your smartphone indoors, you may have mixed results. Some say that the end result in the pictures clicked are not great. Images are said to be blurred, soft, dull in colour. The night performance is poor and grainy.

However, the performance of the camera outdoors seem to have better result. 

5. Speaker - It is exceptionally loud and clear. 

6. Software - Fans find the software good. It looks like the company has give Apple like interface. 

7. Performance - Great performance, without any logjam. Enough storage space available.

8. Gaming performance - Seems great with big screen, high resolution and bezel less screen.

9. Battery - battery performance is satisfactory with features like 5.5 inch display , octa core processor clocked at 2.2 GHZ coupled with 3 GB and dual sim (4g). Can last whole day even through heavy usage.

10. Call quality - Call quality is great and audio is loud and clear and didn't noticed any call drop. Sometime calls also drop due to poor quality phones.
So much so for just Rs 10,999 shelled out from your pocket