Apple iPad mini: Five interesting things

All the speculations will be laid to rest once the highly awaited device is launched.

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2012, 10:18 AM IST

Zeebiz Bureau

New Delhi: When it comes to gadget launches, online rumour mills do their job best. But the reasons behind such rumours are deep-rooted in public anticipation. First there was talk about Apple iPad mini, then about its launch and now about its expected features.

Based on online media reports and news from the gadget world, we have found a list of five things of Apple iPad mini that might interest you.


As per media reports the iPad Mini will look more like a extended version of the iPod Touch than a scaled-down iPad. There are also reports that the iPad Mini will have slimmer bezels along its sides. Many websites have even said that the iPad Mini will be astonishingly thinner and lighter than its competitors. Scale up


When it comes to design, Apple has never disappointed its fans. It is widely expected that iPad will have a seven-inch screen, making it a direct competitor of Google's Nexus tablet.


There is no specification about the superiority in display of the device. But reports suggest that the device will have a 4:3 display.


Apple has always kept its gadgets in the premium price level. But the iPad mini is touted to be in a tad lower price range, as per reports. Perhaps the breakneck price competition is behind this setting.

Launch Date

What is anticipation without realization? All the speculations will be laid to rest once the highly awaited device is launched. It is expected that Apple will launch the iPad mini on September 12, around the same time when it launches the new iPhone 5.