Can Samsung Galaxy S4 live up to Samsung Galaxy S3's hype?

The Galaxy S4 was unveiled at a dazzling event at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. But will it astound the users as its worthy predecessor did is a matter of debate.

Faizan Nizami

True, Samsung Galaxy S4 didn’t set the world ablaze. If anything, it has raised the bar for its competitors. Notwithstanding this latest truism, Samsung has been a harbinger of game-changing smartphones and the Galaxy S4 joins the pantheon of its phenomenally successful Galaxy series. Its previous flagship, the Galaxy S3, was announced with much fanfare and it speedily grabbed headlines and the attention of every tech aficionado.

After all, try as they may, who doesn’t like the sound of the next much-awaited ‘iPhone killer’?

The Galaxy S4 was unveiled at a dazzling albeit a weird event (the antics didn’t go down well with the audience) at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. But will it astound the users as its worthy predecessor did is a matter of debate.

Samsung Galaxy S3 set new standards in the smartphone market; it introduced a slew of spectacular features and a premium software and hardware to take on the then competition. It was a big stride. The S4, in all probability, is a calculated step forward.

Evolution in the mobile phones market is that one can tell the difference between two handsets or more by the mere mention of their names, company make, hardware, software and so on. If anything, the two Galaxies have no major glaring distinctions to truly set them apart, and no one or two major differences to choose S4 over S3 on the exclusive basis of select features alone. It’s murky business here.

So should you sell your Galaxy S3 off for the new Galaxy S4, or would you rather stick to it and wait for something more.

Lets’ find out if Samsung Galaxy S3 can take it to Samsung Galaxy S4 in a fist fight fit for these feature packed phones!


There are a myriad of software and nifty little features that sets Galaxy S4 apart from its antecedent. Take for instance Dual Camera which takes synchronised photos and videos from both its cameras and meshes them together, Group Play that make games, music and videos more interesting and fun while sharing it with people around you via wireless connection.

Air View makes you use your fingers to preview contents in the gallery, videos, mail and S-Planner without having to open them. And Air Gesture that can change music soundtracks, scroll in a webpage or accept a call, all with the wave of your hand. Samsung Smart Pause controls and adjusts the screen by using your eyes. Not to forget, S Health to track your fitness record and S Voice Drive — a hands-free voice controller.

The S3 had Smart Stay, Direct call, S-Beam and S-Voice that set it apart. Given, S-Voice needed a lot of work but other features on the S3 were quoted as “trend setters”.

So it’s not that the amount of features set the two apart rather the increase in inventory which makes the S4 a viable choice. But it also must be remembered, features aren’t the only reasons that users buy phones or change the ones they already have.

Spec differences

To put it shortly, the S4 looks bigger, feels bigger (and thinner) with slight upgrades on both hardware and software levels. Major, if it can be called that, is that the S4 is 0.7mm thinner and is 3gms (130gms) lighter than its precursor. It packs a high-res 5-inch 1080p screen, a shift from the 720p on the S3, coupled with better juice in the battery (2,600 mAh) and a 13MP camera over the 8MP one.

In the processor department, the S4 will follow in the footsteps of its 2012 counterpart. Like the Galaxy S3, the S4 will be made available in two different versions. While one model will run on the 1.9GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 series processor, the other will be powered by a 1.6GHz eight-core Exynos 5 Octa silicon processor.

While the synthetic benchmarks will give the edge to the S4, the S3 still holds its own as a powerful device, and is more than able to handle heavy processing and applications with a cinch.