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iPhone 5 launched; to run iOS 6 and 4G

Apple’s highly-anticipated sixth-generation iPhone 5 has finally been showcased, along with a slew of other iOS devices, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

Faizan Nizami

New York: Apple’s highly-anticipated sixth-generation iPhone 5 has finally been showcased, along with a slew of other iOS devices, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco on Wednesday.

The new version of the iPhone will support an 4G LTE chipset and sport a bigger, refreshed 4-inch display. The iPhone 5 will be seen running on iOS 6 and will be available in markets soon.

For details, go through our real-time updates below.

--And they wrap it up with a brilliant performance by the Foo Fighters, and with that, we round up our live coverage of the iPhone 5 launch event. Thanks for joining!

--Nano and Touch will be available in October.

--The new iPod Touch — 32GB is for $299, 64GB for $399

--iPod Nano — 16GB $149, iPod Touch — 16GB $199, 32GB for $249

--Looks more like an other-worldly design: will be available with iPod Touch, Nano and with the new iPhone 5.

--Termed them as "EarPods"

--Onto earphones.

--And the iPod Touch has Siri as well!

--Has a 5 MP camera, runs on iPhoto for iOS.

--Joswiak falling back on the battery. Can give 40 hours of music and 8 hours of video.

--And then there is the part where you tickle the Ninja. Ends in him hiding.

--It is a flexible dummy of a Ninja!..the demo shows that you can control the marionette by tugging on his appendages.

--Now we have a demo of "Clumsy Ninja", a 3D game.

--Upto 7x faster graphics.

--iPod Touch has the A5 chip.

--Both iPhone 5 and iPod Touch will have a 4-inch screen.

--The screen on the iPod Touch is also bigger!

--Now Joswiak showing 175,000 games and apps iPod Touch supports!

--Now showing: New iPod Touch.

--No Wi-Fi, and no browser.

--30 hours of music.

--And it has Bluetooth too!

--Showing a slew on colourful iPod: Green, blue, purple, yellow, black, silver and red

--Display is 2-inch with multi-touch options

--40% slimmer than the 6th gen iPod Nano

--Now showing: 7th gen iPod Nano

--Apple's Greg Joswiak comes in to talk about iPods.

--There's a music library and the playlist all at the same time.

--Jeff Robin comes in to give us another demo.

--Cue says the performance has been improved too.

--"66% of downloads come from iOS devices", Cue.

--Cue shows the Mac, iPad and the iPhone using iTunes.

--Eddy Cue, Apple's iCloud and music chief takes over.

--Cook brings the end of iPhone 5 showcase.. Looks like its music, and with music comes the iPod.

--Pre-order on Sep 14 with iOS 6 next week.

--And in comes Cook again, possibly to give it a finishing touch.

--Major countries around the world will get iPhone 5 soon!

--Pre-order it on Sep 14

--Now $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB.

--Now the price: Same as the iPhone 4S. $199 for 16GB

--The aluminum finish is difrrent for both the models: slate goes to black, silver goes to white.

--Back to Schiller, the new iPhone will be available in black and white.

--"More than 200 new features in iOS 6," says Forstall.

--Now you can update your Facebook status using SIRI!

--Launches the fantasy football app.

--Forstall going over the demo from WWDC.

--Now you can tweet from any app you're in.

--Forstall using the Facebook and Twitter feature in Notification Center.

--Schiller displaying turn-by turn directions, using Siri and 3D.

--Forstall now launches the new Maps app, no sign of Google Maps!

--Scott Forstall, SVP of iOS software, here to demo iOS 6 on the iPhone 5.

--Schiller its time for the iOS 6.

--Reversible, easier to use

--80% smaller -- "huge difference," Schiller says.

--8-signal design.

--"A lot's changed and it's time for the connector to evolve." Introducing — Lightning

--Now showing — the new connector!

--Audio: three microphone, one on the bottom, one on the back and one on the front.

--Front camera: Now the FaceTime HD camera with 720p support.

--Video 1080p video, improved stabilization.

--8 MP camera, 3264x2448 resolution, five element lens, f2.4 aperture, 25% smaller.

--Introducing iSensor

--8hrs LTE browsing, 10 hrs Wi-Fi browsing, 40 hours music, 10 hours video, 225 hours of standby.

--Schiller explains that battery life is now 8 hrs 3G talktime, 3G browsing.

--Schiller back on, talking about the new battery.

--It's all smooth sailing on this one, no apparent fall in frame rates.

--Murray points out that the company is using Apple's Game Center to do time-shifted multiplayer.

--Murray points out the rear-view mirrors and reflections make it easier to play the game.

--Can see a Porsche burning the tracks.

--Murray is about to show Real Racing 3

--Rob's going to demo what the A6 is capable of

--In comes Rob Murray, executive producer from EA studios..Games, shall we?

--Save image from iPhoto app — 1.7x

--Load Music app with songs — 1.9x

--Launch pages app — 2.1x

--"22% smaller than A5 chip, huge jump in performance," Schiller says.

--Twice as faster than the A5, and in graphics too.

--Even the new chip, the A6

--Schiller, "every aspect of iPhone 5 has been updated."

--Now onto specs — 802.11n 2.4GHz & 5GHz up to 150Mbps, 802.11 a/b/g/n

--Australia: Optus, Telstra and Virgin Mobile

--In Europe: Deutsche Telekom, EE

--Verizon, U.S. Sprint, AT&T will have the LTE.

--"LTE is the most complicated networking spec," Schiller.

--The LTE is housed in a single chip for both voice and data, single radio chip.

--4G LTE in the house.

--the phone will have Now: DC-HSPDA, HDPA+ and (expected!)LTE.

--"That's the first new feature", Schiller says.

--The device's touch sensors are made one with the display. As a result, 30% thinner; less prone to glare.

-- With more than 44% more color saturation than the earlier iPhone 4S.

--Movies on the widescreen looks better, says Schiller.

--"All your software works just like before," says Schiller.

--Apps haven't been scaled down — they've just got black borders on all sides.

--Showing iLife apps.

--A complete 5-day week view in calendar.

--iWork apps have been upgraded to run on the bigger screen.

-- New software update equals more web pages in Safari, more e-mails.

--And it's 4-inches, "should be easy to use the phone with one hand", Schiller.

--The display is 18% thinner — a big slim down from iPhone 4

--16:9 aspect ratio

--Heading over to the features: Apple's Retina Display 326 pixels per inch (ppi)

--And the pixels are1136 x 640.

--New, bigger screen — 4-inch display, finally!

--It's too good to be true! The early leaked images were spot on: the iPhone 5 clearly the images posted online.

--And it is18% thinner than iPhone 4S.

--The device is made of glass and aluminium.

--It's quite like the leaks that we've seen before. Definitely bigger.

--Schiller says, "It's an absolute jewel" .

--And here it is, the official name iPhone 5

--"Each year we set a new bar with a new iPhone, and we're going to do that again today", Schiller

--Phil Schiller, Apple's Marketing Executive takes the stage — talks about the iPhone

--Cook goes on the offensive, "Apple's taking it to the next level today!"

--Goes straight into iPhone it comes!

--iPad apps have touched 250,000!

--Cook says that the iPads are used in 94 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

Apple CEO Tim Cook walks in! Starts the presentation with talking about the iPad unveiled earlier this year.

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