iPhone SE too small! Check out social media jokes on the 4-inch phone

iPhone SE too small! Check out social media jokes on the 4-inch phone

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Is small is the new black? It could be safely said when it comes to the latest Apple iphone SE which was launched on Monday.

The powerful processor of iPhone 6S and 12 MP camera in a 4 inch design made Apple vice president Greg Joswiak introduced the phone as the "most powerful four inches ever".

Will the small be powerful enough in reviving the flagging sales of iPhone market? For those die-hard Apple fans who do not see beyond Apply phones, may buy into ''small is new black''.

But for many Android followers, the 4-inch size may be too small for the Android users to convert into iOS 9.3.

The social media is loaded with commentary on the "too small" size of the phone and iPhone SE jokes.

The tweets are calling the 16GB version at $399 over-pricd for a too small phone. Some of them would like to wait for the lauch of the next iPhone 7, which may be unveiled in September.

Some are calling the iPhone SE good only for those with small palms, even too small that "your kids might accidentally swallow it", or the size is"too small to attract the girls", or "

4 inches that is less cool at night in bed?"

So, while Apple may have unintentionally triggered a million hilarious Twitter jokes, it is yet to be seen if the tech company is going to have the last laugh.