Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch: 5 interesting things

Let’s have a look at five interesting features of the new gadget.

Last Updated: Sep 07, 2013, 13:37 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau/Reema Sharma

In its constant endeavour to maintain supremacy in high-end mobile market against archrival Apple Inc, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd recently launched the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. The Galaxy Gear smartwatch has received mixed response from experts and reviewers.

Let’s have a look at five interesting features of the new gadget.

Stylish and Smart: Samsung’s highly-anticipated Galaxy Gear Smartwatch aims to tap today’s youth, who is in constant search of style and convenience. The wearable Galaxy Gear smartwatch has an attractive design. JK Shin, Samsung's co-chief executive, believes that the smartwatch will become a new “fashion icon” in the world.

Convenience: The Android-powered watch features a 1.63-inch (4.14-cm) screen as well as a basic camera (reportedly with a not-so-fine picture quality), and will connect to Samsung's latest Galaxy Note 3 smartphone via wireless Bluetooth technology. It will make calls, display messages, record videos and snap photos, all while the user's phone stays in their pocket or handbag.

Not self-dependent gadget: The Galaxy Gear is not an independent device, which could prove to be a major disappointment. The fact that Galaxy gear has to be wirelessly linked might disappoint people who want an all-in-one device. Moreover, its limited pairing option will also annoy users. The gadget can only be paired with the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet PC. If you want to use the device, you should have either of the above-mentioned products, else the Gear is of no use for you.

Invasion in privacy: The Galaxy Gear will certainly disturb your privacy. While talking on the Galaxy Gear, you have to be mindful of the surrounding, because voices from both sides can be heard since there is no scope for an earphone. Hence, you might find it difficult to keep eavesdroppers at bay.

Price: Reviewers believe that the Galaxy Gear is over-priced. With a price starting at $299, many believe that Samsung is not giving a good deal. The Sony SmartWatch and the Pebble can be bought at almost half the price of Galaxy Gear.