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Apple Oct 23 event: iPad Mini and more!

On Tuesday 1 pm ET, Apple will be at San Jose with a slew of gadgets to showcase.

Faizan Nizami

Apple said that they’ve got "a little more to show you", gadget gurus and tech pundits have taken it as a sign from the Cupertino-based tech giant that the rumoured iPad Mini could be showcased at the event.

Though that’s not what all Apple has in stored for us.

On Tuesday 1 pm ET, Apple will be at San Jose with a slew of gadgets to showcase. The company has remained tight lipped on the pricing of the iPad Mini (if that is still its real name).

Here’s what to expect from the event:

iPad Mini/iPad Air

The much-rumoured/awaited iPad Mini is all set to be unwrapped. This new tablet is a downsized version of the current iPad with a 7.85-inch 1024 x 728 display. The screen is that off the iPad 2, keeping in mind with the compatibility of the apps on the latest iPad. Apple’s definitely going to slim down the device considering the competition that Google and Amazon are offering.

How much will it cost? Well, Apple’s playing hardball with the prices. So it’s not safe to bet on it yet but rumours coming in from Europe suggest that the base 8GB model could be priced at 249 euros.

Keeping that in mind tech site Gizmodo has pointed out that Apple might just consider the exchange rate and offer USD 320 for the base model in the U.S. Or, the company can go ahead and change the rates straight from the euro like it did with the third-generation iPad and list it at USD 250 for the base Wi-Fi 8GB model.

Whatever be the prices, Apple’s iPad mini comes as a slight hurdle for tablets in the USD 199 bracket. Although, it will not be fair to say that it can wipe the floor with the competition but it can very well stifle it, considering the company’s strong brand appeal and an extensive app store.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire (starts at USD 159) has done well; Google’s Nexus 7(starts at USD 199) is Android’s best-selling tab on the market. The watchdogs are pegging the price of the smaller iPad somewhere between the 4-inch iPod touch (USD 199) and iPad 2(USD 399).

Mac Mini

According to 9to5Mac alongside the iPad mini, Apple plans to announce a new version of its Mac mini. Sources say that these Mac minis will come in two standard configurations, with different storage and processor options, and a third model that runs OS X Server.

These new Mac minis are expected to begin shipping immediately after the announcement. Apple last redesigned the Mac mini with a unibody aluminum enclosure in 2010, and last updated the computer with faster processors last summer.

Macbook Pro (13-inch Retina Display)

Expect a downgraded version of the 15-inch Retina Macbook with a 2500 x 1600 display. A Retina Macbook, under USD 2,000, means that it will have less specs but it will pave the way for Apple to introduce more of its devices in the Retina screen resolution.

Retina display in a 13-inch model would be another way to boost sales in the Macbook Pro category.

New and Slim iMac

The iMac is Apple’s leading desktop and several rumours since the beginning of the year suggest that new and slim iMacs with anti-reflective displays are on Apple’s cards.

Retina display may not grace the iMacs because of how expensive the high-density panels cost but and an anti-reflective display could hold the price steady of the desktop.

If it’s got to be slim than it has probably got to do away with the optical drives.

Lightning port – Apple iPad

According to MacRumors Apple may as well update the current iPad with a Lightining port. If that is possible, Apple could very well move away from the usual 30-pin connector by introducing the Lightning port, making room to give a break for Lightning accessories. Even
with the new inclusion the iPad will still be selling at the current price.

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