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Five tips to protect your phone in monsoon

The arrival of monsoons also rings an alarm bell for your handsets.

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We all love rain after a parched summer! This year monsoon has just arrived in India and it is raining in almost every state in the country. But the arrival of monsoons also rings an alarm bell for your handsets.

Sometimes mobile users forget to ensure to protect their phones before leaving their homes on a rainy day.

A wet mobile phone can be dangerous. Moisture can damage your phone and if the water seeps in to your phone, the battery can cause an explosion which can cause serious injuries.

Here are few tips that can keep your hand phone safe and you can enjoy the monsoon without being bothered by damaging your cell phone.

Inexpensive plastic bag can do wonders

If you are out and it starts raining, get a transparent plastic bag or a zip pouch and put your phone inside it. This will help you to protect your phone from getting drenched. You can even add silica gel in these bags to prevent your phone from getting moist.

You can get these plastic bags or zip pouches in any store in your neighborhood. Just keep one in your bag or wallet before you leave home.

Go hands free

One smart way that can save your phone from rain is to keep your phone in hands-free mode. Use a hands-free or a Bluetooth headset, this can help you to keep your phone in a safe, moist-free place, while you can take your calls.

Avoid taking calls

Avoid using your phone as much as you can. It is advisable not to take out your mobile phone unless it becomes absolutely necessary. Text messaging should be strictly avoided when you are out and it’s pouring.

What should you do if your phone gets wet

If you happen to wet your phone, do not use a hair dryer for drying it. It can permanently damage your mobile. Just keep it in a dry place for few hours where it can get some sunlight. You can also put your phone in Silica gel filled plastic bag. This can easily absorb moisture from your wet phone.

Avoid charging

A wet phone can be dangerous if you to try to charge it. Check if all the ports are dry because a damp socket recharge can easily cause a short circuit. Also never switch on a wet phone. This can permanently damage the handset.

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