I hate Nokia 1020!

41 Mega Pixels!! I jumped, as I read the camera specifications of the Nokia 1020 a few days ago.

Rajiv Malhotra

41 Mega Pixels!! I jumped, as I read the camera specifications of the Nokia 1020 a few days ago.

I imagined myself amongst a group of photographers in an armature photography club, on a Sunday afternoon with my semi pro Canon 60D and the old reliable 24-105mm L series lens. Sure my gear was no match to the guys carrying 1D Mark 3 or even the new Canon 70D. I knew that but I was still within acceptable standards. Then, like a nightmare out of nowhere, this young hipster girl pulls out her phone and starts shooting with a 41 MP camera!!! The results are stunning and I have a mild concussion from my jaw hitting the ground at warp speed.

Was I dreaming? Too much scotch. Or fresh air perhaps?

Fresh air obviously!

But I had to be sure.

I immediately called upon my every faithful and omnipresent Baba Google Dev to enlighten me on the magical world where phone cameras appeared to be better than expensive and bulky SLRs.

The specs of the Nokia 1020 looked great.


Display size: 4.5 ''

Display technology: ClearBlack, AMOLED

Touch screen technology: Super sensitive touch


Main camera sensor: 41 MP, PureView

Flash type: Xenon flash

Power management

Maximum talk time (2G): 19.1 h

Maximum talk time (3G): 13.3 h

Maximum music playback time: 63 h

Wireless charging: Yes, with accessory cover


Processor name: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4

Processor type: Dual-core 1.5 GHz

The display size is a bit small at 4.5 inches compared to my Samsung note 2 and who uses windows mobile? But then 43 MP is a lot of Mega Pixels and 1.5 GHZ must be a lot more then my camera.

The ability to focus on any part of the picture AFTER the image has been shot, that’s just insane! It is the complete opposite of what I have been taught to do for decades. The joy of framing a shot, the intensity of focusing on the subject, the withheld breath exhaled at the decisive moment... I hate the guys who broke my perfect world.

The low light pictures look great too. Check out this an awesome video using Timelaps Pro App and Nokia 1020 http://timelapseapp.net/pro/?t=0933281f-8ae4-48cd-b3ac-0196ffee3cf5

Found the review on The Guardian. 4 Stars!


This is all good but what about my favourite reviewers at dpreview.com



Damn!!! They like it too.

An hour passed and I haven’t found any real negatives. So the flash is bit off and the controls are not as intuitive as an SLR. Still nothing to prevent me from spending the hard earned Rs 49,999 I was saving for the mighty canon 70-200mm f 2.5 USM 2 L series lens.

Though I am yet to see the actual device and try out the camera, I have a strong feeling I will end up ordering it online from http://www.flipkart.com/nokia-lumia-1020/p/itmdzkh7qrjrhynh?pid=MOBDZKH6XYX2SB7S&ref=d2828084-4ed5-495f-9289-6c845df950da.

So Dear Readers, if any one of you have managed to get your hands on the Nokia 1020 and taken it out for a spin, please share your reviews and comments with me.