Ways to enhance battery life of your smartphone

Presenting you with a few ways with which you can enhance the battery life of you smartphone.

Ways to enhance battery life of your smartphone

Zee Media Bureau/Pragya Dwivedi

Does your android phone show low battery most of the times, even when you charge it completely before leaving home? Does it shut down when you need it the most?

So here we present you with a few ways with which you can enhance the battery life of you smartphone.

Turn-off applications in background

Applications like bluetooth, wifi, mobile data consume a lot of your battery life so ensure that if not using just turn it off. It will help you to maintain the energy of your smartphone for a longer period.

Keep battery saving mode on

Most of the phones come with power saving mode. It acts as a power booster in case of emergency by killing all the background applications and putting a limit on performance of smartphone where not needed.

Keep your application updated

Sometimes when your apps are not updated it creates a burden on your smartphone's battery life so its necessary to keep a check and regularly update you smartphones. Easiest way of doing it is by selecting auto-update in playstore.

Use black wallpaper

Phones with amoled screen illuminate only the coloured pixels. So darker the pixels lesser the power needed to light them up.

Don't use auto brightness

It's always advisable that you set your phones brightness manually at a low level which is comfortable and may increase it when needed.It is one of the best ways to save your battery life because screen is one of the most important factors which affects the battery life.

Turn off vibrate mode

Its take more power to vibrate than ring your phone so make sure that unless its very important for you to use that added awareness you switch it off.

Keep your screen time-out short

Screen time-out measures how long your screen stays lit after receiving inputs.Every second counts, so make sure you set it to 15 seconds or max 30 seconds to enhance the battery life of your smartphone.

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