10 fascinating facts about ATMs you must know

We are highlighting 10 fascinating and fun facts about ATM that you must know.

10 fascinating facts about ATMs you must know

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New Delhi: For most of us, ATMs are like part and parcel of our lives. Now a days, you can avail so many facilities from ATMs –from withdrawing money to transferring cash to paying utility bills –that the humble machine is more than just a money dispensing machine.

Have you ever wondered how many ATM machines are there? Why does ATM ask for a 4-digit Pin number? What if the entire ATM machine is robbed? Where is the world's highest ATM located?

We are highlighting 10 fascinating and fun facts about ATM that you must know.

4-digit pin number

There is a very interesting reason behind this. The story goes something like this. Shepherd-Barron, inventor of the ATM, came up with six-figure number in the 1960s.

But he decided to consult with his wife Caroline. But his wife could only remember four digits, and hence it became the most commonly used length in many places. However banks in Switzerland and many other countries require a six-digit Pin.

Gold vending ATMs

ATMs not only dispense cash, but gold too. The first gold-plated vending machine, located in the lobby of the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi, dispenses 320 items made of gold. Wikipedia says –there  are currently twenty vending machines installed across three continents, with the first vending machine in the United States. The "gold ATMs" are designed to be placed in shopping malls and airports in Kumasi the capital of Ashanti City-State, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Great Britain.

Floating ATM

You will find India's first 'floating' ATM in Kerala's Kochi district. The ATM by the State Bank of India has been installed in a jhankar (ferry) owned by the Kerala Shipping and Inland Navigation Corporation (KSINC). The jhankar would ply between Ernakulam and Vypeen, the most densely populated area in Asia.

What if there is a theft of whole ATM machine

Well some don't only rob money from the ATM they even intend to steal the whole ATM machine. In that case the robber will not be able to go very far. It is because there is a chip installed in the ATM and it is also GPS installed. It is very easy to locate the robbed ATM, if at all.

Which day of the Week sees most cash withdrawal?

No, it's not Saturday or Sunday that witnesses most cash withdrawal. It is actually Friday that most people withdraw their cash from ATM. Weekend party anyone?

ATM without a bank account

Yes! This too is possible. But not in India. You can do transaction via ATM in Romania without actually having a bank account.

Biometric Password/Pin

One of the most important feature in ATM is its password safety. In Brazil, such features include biometric ATMs for secure banking transactions.

First ATM service in India?

The first bank to open ATM service in India was the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC). It opened the first ATM in 1987 in Mumbai.

ATM situated at highest peak

You will find the world’s highest ATM counter Nathu-La. It is is operated by Union Bank of India and is situated at 14, 300 ft in Kupup. Primarily meant for the army personnel along the Sino-India border, the ATM also provides services to tourists.

World's loneliest ATM

The loneliest ATM in the world can be found in Antartica. There are actually two ATMs located in the US research centre McMurdo station. But one acts as a back up and at a given point of time only one ATM works.

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