5 things that make you really unprofessional!

You must avoid these five things at work place.

5 things that make you really unprofessional!

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Being professional at work not only increases your productivity, it also makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

There are more to being professional than just completing the task entrusted upon you. These five things make you highly unprofessional. Avoid them.

Bragging or too much self appreciation

We all love a little appreciation for the work done. But talking all the time about our own deeds make us sound callow at times. Avoid it. Appreciation is best when it comes from others. Don't confuse self-esteem, high spirits and highly moralised with bragging. They are two different things.

Unmanaged work-station

This is not only a professional trait but also a basic civic culture that you should adopt. A clumsy work-station reflects badly on your personality. Keep in mind, a clean environment helps keep a lot of stress away too!

Gossiping is not a smart worker's quality

Did you hear about his increment? Do you know she has got a little more advantage in the board-room? He keeps loitering around the office the entire day! Things like these are often heard in the office corridors. But these attitude doesn't make you a smart worker. For one gossip, there will be 10 gossips behind your back. Focus more on your own work and not on what others do.

No credit in being late

We know many in office who always come late, reach late in the meeting, delay the assignment, delay the work being handed over to them. Remember, there is no credit in being late. If you are a thorough professional, if your work is up-to-date, if you are punctual, you will be rewarded in the long run.

Swear words, cuss words don't make you cool

Pressures and targets have become part and parcel of our lives. But if you are a thorough professional, you will handle them calmly. Using cuss words or swearing will only highlight your inability to tackle crisis. Avoid swearing and face the problem.

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