Airlines likely to follow No-Fly list to keep these unruly flyers off limits

Airlines likely to follow No-Fly list to keep these unruly flyers off limits
Representational image. Courtsey: Global Times

Zee Media Bureau

In order to revamp its aviation security, India is likely to set up its own No-Fly list similar to the one followed by airlines globally.

The No-Fly List will incorporate description of flyers who could be perceived to be a threat for co-passengers and the crew, and to be barred from flying. As per The Times of India report, Aviation Minister Jayant Sinha, on Friday, said that the government is drawing up plans for a safer air travell, and might consider the No-Fly list in its plans.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had in January allowed plastic handcuffs to manage unruly passengers aboard flights. 

In the United States, the No-Fly list includes people who are not allowed to board a commercial aircraft to fly in or outside the United States or to keep unknown aircrafts away from the US airspace.

As per International Air Traffic Association (IATA), unruly passenger incidents aboard aircrafts have increased across the airlines in 2015. IATA pointed out at verbal abuse, failure to follow lawful crew instructions, forms of anti-social behavior, or physical aggression towards passengers or crew or damage to the aircraft, alcohol or drug intoxication etc as unruly behaviour category. 

The No-Fly list in China is more stringent and even slaps a hefty fine of up to USD 7,500 on a flyer if he/she uses mobile phone or  prohibited electronic device on plane, smoke or occupy seats by force, barging into aircraft or airports, bringing on board weapons or other dangerous items etc.

In August, China's aviation authority listed out more than 10 types of bad behaviour at airports or on planes, which will be met with hefty penalties of up to 50,000 yuan (USD 7500).