And now Mossack Fonesca reacts to Panama Papers leak!

And now Mossack Fonesca reacts to Panama Papers leak!

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Mossack Fonesca, the Panama-based law firm whose more than 11 million documents that gave away offshore accounts of world's powerful and popular, has reacted to the storm its data-leak started.

The company has put out a statement in which it states that, "Recent media reports have portrayed an inaccurate view of services that we provide and, despite our efforts to correct the record, misrepresented the nature of our work and its role in global financial markets. These reports rely on supposition and stereotypes, and play on the public 's lack of familiarity with the work of firms like ours". 

The company also said that its offices in around 40 countries maintain the highest standards of due diligence in compliance with all international standards. 

It said that under the provisions of the laws, registered agents have no responsibility for the commercial act of the companies constituting. 

We are always willing to cooperate with the authorities to request information by the legally established channels and meeting the requirements of the relevant legislation, the company added.


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