Softwares for booking Railways' tatkal tickets cheat users?

Softwares for booking Railways' tatkal tickets cheat users?
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 Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Are softwares available online for booking Railways' tatkal tickets for a price cheating users?

A number of sites like irctctatkalseva, tatkaltimesnow, tatkalsoftware, tatkalnow are selling softwares to book tatkal tickets without hassle and claim to generate the first PNRin 15-45 seconds. These sites charge anywhere between Rs 2,100 for generating 2 PNRs to Rs 3,500 for 6 PNR.

So far, Indian Railways has not banned or declared these softwares for ''hacking'' into the IRCTC site and booking genuine tickets illegal.

Even though Railways has not take any firm stand on the matter, one can question the credentials of these softwares by the way they promote themselves.

Tatkalsoftware calls itself, “The official website of tatkal software of Indian Railway train tickets booking”, giving an illusion that it is the official site of Indian Railways.

It calls itself only “ original” and claims, “In case any problem occurs after buying , we will provide 100% service to you”. Would the 100 percent service be possible without the aid of Railways officials?

Tatkalsoftware openly calls Super TS sold on the site Irctctatkalseva “cheat”, adding that Super TS and TBrand cheat and hack into users bank accounts. Do we need further testimonial to the credentials of these softwares?​