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Comparative rail fares after proposed hike

Last Updated: Thursday, January 10, 2013 - 10:05

A comparison of train fares on five routes after the Wednesday's hike which will be effective from Jan 21.

New Delhi to Chandigarh
Distance- 270 km
Existing second class fare- Rs.68
Proposed- Rs.80
Variation- Rs.12
Existing sleeper class fare- Rs.123
Proposed- Rs.140
Variation- Rs.17

Bangalore to Mysore
Distance- 139 km
Existing second class fare- Rs.43
Proposed- Rs.50
Variation- Rs.7
Existing sleeper class fare- Rs.100
Proposed- Rs.115
Variation- Rs.15

New Delhi to Jaipur
Distance- 312 km
Existing second class fare- Rs.77
Proposed- Rs.90
Variation- Rs.13
Existing sleeper class fare- Rs.138
Proposed- Rs.160
Variation- Rs.22

New Delhi to Patna
Distance- 1,001 km
Existing second class fare- Rs.180
Proposed- Rs.220
Variation- Rs.40
Existing sleeper class fare- Rs.319
Proposed- Rs.385
Variation- Rs.66

Mumbai to Ahmedabad
Distance- 491 km
Existing second class fare- Rs.109
Proposed- Rs.130
Variation- Rs.21
Existing sleeper class fare- Rs.192
Proposed- Rs.225
Variation- Rs.33


First Published: Thursday, January 10, 2013 - 09:07
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