Railways wants you to keep these toilets clean

Railways wants you to keep these toilets clean

Zee Media Bureau

Indian Railways wants to to keep the platform and the train tracks clean, and for that it is undertaking innovative measures, including installing bio toilets in the trains.

The human waste in bio-toilets is biologically degraded by anaerobic bacteria and converted to water, methane and carbon dioxide.

Seeking cooperation from the travellers, the Railways has given out these guidelines for using bio toilets and keep them up and running:

1. Do not throw plastic cups, bottles, paper, cloth rags, sanitary napkins, nappies, plastic/poly bags, gutka pouches, newspaper, or any other waste material the bio toilets as it would choke the the toilet system

2. Always use the dustbin placed near the toilet to through the garbage

3. Flush it after use an keep it clean


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