Topless girls stage protest at WEF meet; three detained

One of the slogan's read 'Gangsters Party in Davos'.

Updated: Jan 29, 2012, 09:57 AM IST

Davos: The scenic World Economic Forum meeting venue saw protests by three topless women from Ukraine, who shouted slogans and tried to jump over the fence.

With slogans painted on their bodies, they were heard saying that the WEF gathering was partying at the cost of poor.

According to police officials, the three women were detained and would not be allowed to protest again at the venue.

One of the slogan's read 'Gangsters Party in Davos'.

Going by media reports, these activists were part of Ukranian group Femen, which are known for staging protests on various economic and political issues.

There were also protests near the venue where WTO discussions were taking place and some of the delegates were reported to have been delayed for their meetings due to the protests.

In Davos, people representing the Occupy movement were also seen protesting against the elite gathering.